Blessed Beltaine!

That’s right, ladies and gents, it’s Beltaine.  We’ll be praying for a positive change in the new season.  We might also try a fertility ritual, if mother nature cooperates (which is currently looking good).  Just gotta wait for my Joshwa to get home from work.

And tomorrow is International Pagan Coming Out Day!  If you are still in the closet and thinking of coming out of your broom closet – or just want to show the world we’re out the join with us tomorrow to proudly say “I’m a Pagan!”  You can also find them on Facebook!  I still haven’t actually come out to my family (though most, if not all, of my in-laws know), but even I have friended them, since I’m mostly out of the closet.  So add them on Facebook and check out their blog page!  (and, remember guys, I’m not advocating doing anything you aren’t ready for!  I’m a perfect example!)

So for now, Blessed Beltaine and brightest blessings!

Please, let me know what you think!

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