So, we didn’t get to go to my mother-in-law’s wedding.  WE couldn’t get our rental car (who’s ever heard of a $200 deposit for a freaking $45 rental?!) and before we could drive to Huntsville – because we drove circles around freaking downtown Birmingham….but we won’t talk about that – our truck overheated.  😦  Thankfully we were on our way to Alabaster (rather than halfway there) when it happened.  But that means we’re missing the wedding.  Granted, we had discussed not going because of the family drama that’s been going on.  And it also means not getting roped into forced labor – yeah my mother-in-law asked if I wanted to help and I offered to help at the wedding, and the next day she told me I’d be helping at the wedding and serving cake at the reception!  I mean, I’m trying not to hold a grudge, but it’s hard since Joshwa is holding a grudge and talking about it a lot.  But my mother-in-law didn’t do anything – including being social or even polite! – at our wedding.  I mean, the woman wouldn’t even talk to my Momma.  And then she wants to put me to work at her fourth wedding?  So maybe it’s a good thing we couldn’t go.  But we really do support this marriage and are looking forward to meeting her new husband next week when they come through on their way to or from Mississippi.

Now, that’s not the sniffle worthy issue.  My baby brother, my Bubba, has now, officially turned 20!  Officially because he was born at 1:29am – the inconsiderate brat.  ^__^  I remember my Mammaw waking me up and getting me dressed so we could go up to the hospital and see the squirmy, screaming little critter that took my place as the baby – both with my parents and my Momma’s side of the family!  The horror!  Well, give me a break, I was five and very dramatical.  ^__~  I got over it.  About six or seven years ago, lol.  And now?  He’s a grown man who I adore and terribly proud of.  And, no, he doesn’t read this, so I’m not saying all this as a kiss up to him.  I really miss him and wish we could be with him (and most of the rest of our family) in Texas.  Well, I’m to bed.  Brightest blessings!

Please, let me know what you think!

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