Are you serious?!

So, guess what?  Our truck started overheating again.  Yeah, what we supposedly got fixed a week ago.  And when we take it in, they tell us it must be a new problem and unless it’s a failure in the part they just replaced, we’ll be footing the bill again.  Every time we’d ask a question, he would avoid giving us a straight answer and contradicted himself several times by saying it’s possible it was actually the water pump – but then when I ask why that wasn’t diagnosed originally, he’d backtrack and say that it hadn’t been a problem.  So I’d ask him again how it could be diagnosed as “fixed” and yet a week later, we’re having the exact same problem!  And he’d start the song and dance again.  And then he tells us – after we were told yesterday to bring it today – that they would get to it tomorrow.  And when I mentioned the door and not using it, he mumbled under his breath (he’s damn lucky I didn’t hear him!).  So we took his card and our truck and left.  We (aka, Joshwa) called and asked to speak with the site manager.

Now, this is the manager.  Of the store and service center.  And we’re calling about a problem that caused us to leave his store.  What was his response?  I’m sorry you received unsatisfactory service, but if you bring it back, I’m sure we’ll find and fix the problem.  And when Joshwa asks about the $355 we already spent, he apologized again, but was not going to help us.  So finally Joshwa told him we were completely dissatisfied and wouldn’t be returning our custom to their shop if this was the kind of customer service we could expect.  He finished it off by requesting to file a formal complaint on the “Service Advisor” who refused to admit they made a mistake and then made sarcastic and rude remarks…and that doesn’t go into last Friday when I picked the truck up and he lied to me – yeah, was gonna let that go, but who holds better grudges than a woman who has to stand in the pouring rain with tornado sirens going off…after you lie to her…and then hide inside where it’s dry.  So we placed the complaint.  And what does the facility manager do?  Assure us that he will speak to the man?  Apologize again – since he was so good at it?  Hell no!  He tells my husband that it’s not his (SA’s) fault, he’s having personal problems.  Seriously?  We’ve both worked extensively in customer service, and THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!  Leave your personal shit at the door!  And if you can’t, you kiss the customers ass, not insist that they accept shitty work and deal with your personal shit at the same time!

Okay, vent done.  We’ve filed with the BBB.  So, for future reference – if you’re in central Alabama, stay away from the GM service center in Calera.  I guess I should have known better.  Most people say not to use GM service centers, but we used one that was awesome in Hattiesburg and it got my hopes up.  For now, we can make it (thank goodness we already decided to rent a car to go to my mother-in-law’s wedding on Saturday!), but I’m hoping that something comes out of all of this.  Because our poor little truck deserves better than this bs.

Brightest blessings!

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