We got our couch!

So, our truck fix cost $350.  Which was how much my Momma had to buy our couch.  So what happened?  My Aunt Sharon bought us a couch!  And it’s the one we wanted.  It’s beautiful.  It’s chocolate-brown, longer than our last one, and taller, with shorter arms.  I’ve taken a couple of naps on it already and it is very comfortable.  ^__^  The only problem?  We can’t figure out how to sit on it, lol.  We’re so used to sitting right on top of each other and leaning on our respective arms.  We can’t do that anymore!  It’s a good thing, it’s just going to take a little getting used to.

We also got a crock pot!  Finally!  And my Momma bought us a roast to cook in it.  I love having my Momma and Aunt Sharon come and I’d lie if I said that I didn’t love the presents, but I always feel guilty for it, as if I’m expecting the things or something.  Which I can say here because neither of them read this blog!  I got fussed at by each of them this past weekend for saying as much.  But I can’t help it.  They bought all the food and wouldn’t even let me treat them to lunch their last day.  Love those women so much, but it’s frustrating sometimes because I’m still just their little girl – something that I love because I never doubted that they loved me and favored me over my cousins (my brother and youngest cousin are the only boys) – but something that is frustrating because sometimes I feel as if they don’t see me as an adult.  And with us having our problems (you know, our truck dying the day before they arrive?!), it’s like showing that I really am a child.

Ah, but I imagine I will always feel a child with them, even when my children are grown.  Isn’t that part of being a child?  ^__^  So what have I been doing since they’ve gone?  Cleaning and napping, lol.  We went shopping yesterday for groceries – and wandered around Hobby Lobby for an hour or more, lol!  Now, I’m going to get something to eat, wash some more dishes, and wait for Joshwa to get off work.  Brightest blessings!

Please, let me know what you think!

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