No new couch :-(

So we won’t be getting our new couch.  The money is going to our truck.  Who tried to die.  It’s gonna be $400 to get her fixed. 😦  Our poor truck.  She’s had so many problems lately – and they’re all my fault for not taking better care of her.  But, this should fix all of her system problems, leaving only the door as a problem.  Oh, she’ll still need a tune-up and oil changes, but once we get done with this, that will be it.  ^__^  But since it’s going to cost so much to get her fixed, we’re going to have to use the couch money (our birthday money) for the car instead of for our couch.  The good news is that the birthday money will be here, because otherwise we’d be SOL, as we have just over half the amount to fix it.  *le sigh* If only I could put up a paypal thing…but then I would know that I either have no fans, broke fans, or I’m just not that entertaining.  ^__~

Okay, onto better things.  My Momma and Aunt Sharon are on their way as we speak.  They should be here around 4pm.  And with the way my Momma drives….maybe 3:30pm, lol.  Now, I’ve gotta go keep the man company while he makes some day-glo mac and cheese.  Yeah, it’s really that orange!

Brightest blessings!

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