We’re getting a new couch!

Yep, you read that right!  My Momma is buying us a new couch for our birthdays!  (Joshwa will be 27 on the 23 and I’ll be 26 in August)  I’m so excited!  We’ll be keeping our ugly couch, too, so that we have more seating, but I’m really looking forward to the new couch.  I bought our current couch at the end of July in 2005, before Hurricane Katrina. Before the hurricane, the couch was listed at $15, sitting out on the breezeway at our local Salvation Army so it was half off – I paid $8.03 total.  After the hurricane, the cheapest couch we could find (looking for a friend) was $45!  That was on the breezeway (originally $90)!  So our couch was used when I bought it, and we’ve had it for five years – through four places in/around Hattiesburg – one of which was “stored” in a spare room at cousin’s house, up to Chicago, five months in storage in North Carolina, and then here.  It’s still a good couch, but it needs some help – like some plywood under the cushions, egg-crate-cushion to put over top the cushions, and a slipcover to hide it all!

But enough about our old couch, let me tell you about our new couch!  My Momma found some couches in a Big Lots sales paper and told us to go check them out at our local Big Lots (a store we enjoy exploring on a regular basis anyway) and that if we found one around $300, she’d get it for us.  Well, when we first went, they were rearranging the store, so the couches weren’t out for us to look at – we had to go into the back and just look at them, couldn’t sit on them.  So, we went back today (since Momma and Aunt Sharon are coming this weekend! yay!) and finally got to try a few out.  Well, the one we originally thought we liked was way too squishy (I mean, we’re trying to get pregnant and I don’t want to pick a couch I’m already having trouble getting my big ass off of, lol).  Then we tried another that seemed like a good one – nice and tall and not too squishy…hardly squishy at all.  Then we found it.  At first, we thought it was just another one like the first we tried, until we saw that the price was different.  So we tried it.  And it was beautiful.  Squishy enough without sinking halfway to the floor, nice low arms, and long.  I can comfortably rest my head on the arm and my feet not touch the other arm!  And, the material is nice and soft (and supposedly easy to clean, we’ll see!), and the second sofa was a weird, scratchy kind of material.  So, we decided, and we’re getting the Simmons Luna Chocolate Sofa.  It’s gonna be AWESOME!  We’re gonna have to rent a truck (Home Depot does by-the-hour rentals, first hour is 75 mins!  Woot!) but we’ll have our new couch on Saturday.  I can’t promise you pictures until Sunday, though, cause I’ll be spending the day with my Momma and my Aunt Sharon.

And I’m SOOO excited about them coming!  I love my Momma and my Aunt Sharon nearly more than anyone else in the world – except of course my beloved Joshwa.  And better yet, they adore Joshwa almost more than me!  Okay, not really, but it’s a close thing.  I was telling him today that if it came down to him, my brother, or I going to jail and they had the choice between us, they’d send me to jail, lol.  We haven’t gotten to spend time together since my brother’s graduation in 2009, so we’re all really excited.  They’re bringing so much stuff and I got in trouble with my aunt when I jokingly told her that we didn’t want them thinking we expected them to bring stuff.  Now she’s going to fuss at me when she gets here.  Oh, well, totally worth it since they’ll actually be here.  *happy dance*  What is left to do before they get here?  Finish washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen, take the blanket box up to the linen closet, vacuum, clean the bathrooms, and do the laundry (on Thursday when Joshwa gets paid again.  Not too bad!

Okay, going to snuggle with the hubs, watch some anime, maybe snack an apple.  I’ll try to update over the next couple of days, but I’ll definitely update after they leave.  Gotta show y’all my new couch!  So, for now, brightest blessings!

Please, let me know what you think!

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