New page up!

I finally got the new page up “Blogs I Like“!  It’s not completely finished, nor will it be so long as I find blogs that I enjoy.  I know most of my readers are hit and runs, which is fine, but I also know I’ve got at least a few of you guys that read regularly (that or I get way more hit and runs than I realized!) and I want to share with you guys.  I want to thank Catherine Spalding and Nicola Baird who responded to my call for blogs.  I am still accepting blogs!


So, what am I doing today?  I’m supposed to be washing dishes.  I will.  I just finished watching “Pregnant in America“, a documentary following one couple’s journey through understanding birth, here in America and around the world.  They talk about the difference between hospital birth and home birth and the fact that the current rate of cesarean sections in the US is 30% (it shouldn’t be more than 15%!).  It has given me a whole new view of birth.  I had already decided that I wanted a natural birth, but as things stand, there are only two options for us – hospitals and unassisted home births – because midwives aren’t allowed to practice home births and only certified nurse midwives are allowed to practice in hospitals.  The only birthing center I’ve been able to find in the entire state of Alabama is down in Dothan – 3 hours away.  There is a fight down in Montgomery to have Certified Professional Midwives certified in the state so that women like me who are completely disillusioned with hospitals and the way they do things don’t have to have their children at home alone (currently in the state of Alabama, any midwife who assists in a home birth faces prosecution).  The Alabama Birth Coalition is currently fighting the disinformation being spread against CPMs.  We’re pushing the new bill SB 238 (in case you’re an Alabama mom who wants to show your support, too!).


Okay, I’m done for now.  (it’s that O time of the month, so it’s on my mind)  Hopefully I’ll be able to find other things to occupy my time.  Never mind that my best friend from high school gave birth to her second child back in November and another friend from high school that I chat with on facebook a lot just had her second child last week!  Lol, I’ve had to remove pregnant cousin from my news feed on facebook.  Not because she’s pregnant (I love getting the updates and seeing the ultrasounds), but because she has developed a “holier-than-thou” attitude of late and a sense of entitlement as if she is the first woman in the world to get pregnant, especially with twins (never mind she isn’t even the first woman in the family to get pregnant since her sister has two, my sister-in-law has two, my brother-in-law has one, and their cousin has two!).  Between the attitude and the fact that she wanted me to support her, but has not been willing to return the favor, I just don’t want to have to see it all day every day.  I can just get updates (when it’s an actual update on the girls) by going to their pages when the mood strikes.


Okay, now, I’ve been on here long enough.  Gotta go do those dishes!  Brightest blessings!

3 thoughts on “New page up!

  1. What part of Alabama are you in? I am involved in state/national midwifery politics too. Most illegal states have under-the-radar DEMs and CPMs who attend homebirth for the very committed folks. Have you seen Orgasmic Birth? That’s a great one — not political, but a must watch!

    • I’m in Montevallo (central Alabama between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham). I have just recently become involved, for one because we just started trying to get pregnant in May/June of last year and for another because we just recently moved to Alabama (moved in September, but not settled until February). I have heard about those under-the-radar as they’re something I’m seriously considering. Especially the more I look into it.

      I will be looking for Orgasmic Birth (I’ve heard of women having them, though!) because I haven’t seen it yet. Thanks for coming to my blog. I’m gonna add you to my list of blogs!

  2. Orgasmic Birth is amAzing, unfortunately though the title does not do it justice. It is about the beauty, sensuality, and instinctiveness of birth, not really about orgasm — although that can happen!

    It so great that you’re involved in advocacy efforts there! I am sure they need you , and many many more! Birth change will happen in this country because women demand more. More choices, more evidence-based practices, more autonomy, more dignity. Midwives can only take the cause so far. Yay for you!

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