In the nick of time…

We got a tax refund!  It was only $347 (of $1,363), but, hey, we got something!  We were able to pay off our t-mobile enough to get moved to Wal-Mart’s Family Mobile (we spend $70 a month for completely unlimited as opposed to $90 for 750 shared minutes!) and buy Joshwa a new phone.  So now he has a phone like mine and we’ll only pay around $63 a month with Joshwa’s discount card! Woot!  I get that Wal-Mart screws a lot of people (we don’t buy much of our stuff from Wal-Mart, lol), but they are taking care of us.  Josh will get his promotion by the beginning of June and he’ll be full-time and we’ll have health insurance.  I haven’t had health insurance since I left Southern Miss in June 2008.  I miss health insurance.  That’s part of our financial issues now.  Which, by the way, are falling nicely into place.  We should be able to start working on getting a new car soon!  I’m really looking forward to it.  ^__^

So, what else has been happening?  We’ve started trying to eat healthier.  We’re eating more veggies – more raw veggies, too.  And it makes me happy in my tummy.  And, we all know, happy tummy is a happy me, and a happy me is a happy house.  ^__~  And I’m getting Joshwa into it. Of course, the last couple of days have been crap because I’ve felt like crap and haven’t wanted to cook (or fix a salad, as that requires chopping).  I’m tired of being tired.  And I’m being told that it’s because I’m not eating enough veggies, lol.  So I’m too tired to make my salad….because I’m not eating my salad.  Ha!  I can believe it….but it’s still pretty freaking funny.

And now that I’ve talked about it, I’m hungry.  I’m gonna go make a veggie wrap and wait for Joshwa to get off of work.  Maybe I’ll clean my house.  Gah, I have like zero follow through.  Eh, you love me anyway.  ^__^  Brightest blessings!

3 thoughts on “In the nick of time…

  1. I’m highly impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? whether way keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to see a great blog like this one today.

    • This layout is a free layout provided by and not something I created myself. Now, it is customized (the menu across the top, the info along the side and bottom), but I can’t take credit for the whole of it. You can find the credit along the bottom of the page (Theme: Koi by N.Design –

      Thanks for the compliments and I hope you continue to enjoy my blog. ^_^

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