Why can’t real life be more like Bollywood?!

I decided a couple of years ago that I wish Hollywood would go back to the good-ole-days or be more like Bollywood.  You know, music and dancing for no good reason.  My life used to be like that – full of music and movement.  I’ve been working to get my life back to that caliber of awesome.  One step towards that? My Momma is bringing my radio/stereo that used to sit in my bedroom (well, technically, since she won’t be here until next weekend, it’s still in my bedroom at her house, but you know what I mean) so that I can have some radio.  I try to sing one song out loud everyday.  And I usually do so while Joshwa and I are cooking so that we can dance.  “Once Upon a Dream” (from Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”) is a favorite of ours because I dreamed of Joshwa (more specifically that my husband’s parents were divorced, he had an older and a younger brother and a sister).  I’m hoping that by having the radio here, I can bring back the music in my life.  I mean, it’s always there, the wanting of the music, but it’s like the spontaneous music no longer spills out.  And I thoroughly believe in singing like there’s no one listening – especially if there are people listening! ^__^

What got all this started?  Watching one of my favorite Bollywood movies, “Bachna Ae Haseeno”.  GREAT movie!  Raj is a “killer” (a player is the closest I can think of, and yet, not quite) who breaks two women’s hearts while living the life of a killer.  Then he meets the one and she breaks his heart.  So he goes on an epic quest to apologize and make things right in the lives of the first two women before returning home.  I won’t tell the end, because it’s so worth reading the subtitles.  Best part?  The awesome music, of course!  The singing, the dancing, the hysterically funny cinematography of the musically numbers.  They make me happy, the way only the best music does.  Later (okay, maybe tomorrow since Joshwa’s gotta work in the morning) we’re gonna watch another favorite of mine, “Pyaar Impossible”.  Also incredibly cute!  I like the songs better in “Bachna Ae Haseeno”, but the story is freaking adorable for “Pyaar Impossible”.  They make me want to learn Hindi!  I’ve been told it’s nearly impossible, but a girl can dream.  I also want to learn Japanese so that I can watch my animes and kung fu movies without subtitles, lol.  But Italian first.  ^__~

Okay, I’m done for today.  Gotta finish watching “Trigun” – one of my favorite animes of all time! – almost done with the series, now just gotta find the movie.  Then gotta do the baby thing.  Cause this weekend is O weekend.  Good thing we’ll have an empty house this weekend!  It’s gonna be a busy month!  Cousin and Sis (Josh’s sister) and the kids (we had four under 8….it was an interesting weekend) last weekend; off this weekend; Momma and Aunt Sharon next weekend; Joshwa’s birthday the next weekend; and Josh’s mother’s wedding the weekend after that (unless they piss him off and he changes his mind).  ^__^

Please, let me know what you think!

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