What a week…

So, I totally failed at posting this week, and there was no way it was going to happen this weekend.  Our cousin came back through to pick her boys up and brought my sister-in-law and our nieces along with her.  Now, I LOVE our nieces.  And I love my sis-in-law.  But.  Heaven help her, my sis has never been a very consistent disciplinarian and my eldest niece splits her time between sis and her(niece) grandmother who spoils her, so there’s serious discipline problems. Now, for Aunt LeaAnn and Uncle Josh, they usually behave.  Yes, we spank.  No, I don’t care if that makes people think less of me.  I don’t spank in anger and I don’t “lose control” when I spank.  I state clearly that X behavior will lead to spanking and then I give a swat or two to the butt.  Most times my nieces don’t even cry from the spanking itself, but from getting in trouble (youngest niece usually doesn’t need spankings to cut out bad behavior, simply getting fussed at dissolves her into a fit of tears and ends the bad behavior) and I always comfort after wards (holding them while they cry, but I don’t explain my actions after the fact).  Either way, when the girls are with us alone, we don’t have behavior problems after the first day.  But my sis, well, she can’t decide if she’s going to be a hard ass or run her mouth.  Which usually resolves itself into her jumping from smacking hands and bottoms, to threatening endlessly, to simply yelling.  She talks them to death and with their youth, by the time she’s done, they’ve moved on and have no idea what she’s bitching about.

So it was a long three days.  In the end, my eldest niece peed my blankets (from a pallet) and then my spare bed (after my sis didn’t buy her pull-ups and put her in the bed after I told her not to), they both sassed their momma multiple times (which I don’t put up with) and I was forced to discipline them more than just about every other time since I started dating the hubs.  The boys?  Twice.  Once was both of them, the other time was just the oldest boy.  That’s it.  In two days.  Now, I don’t completely agree with cousin’s style of discipline (she’s much more strict and hardcore about the spanking than I am), but at least her children listen when she’s around – they listen when she’s not around, but so do sis’s kids, they just don’t listen when she’s around.

So, I’ve been busy all weekend.  Very tired.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow and Tuesday (yes, that’s two more off days in a row, thank you!) and a little r&r with my Joshwa.  And next weekend…heh heh heh.  And then weekend after that?  My Momma and Aunt Sharon!  Woot!  For now, night and brightest blessings!

Please, let me know what you think!

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