Graveyards and anniversaries

Lol, I thought that might get your attention!  I’m not just messing with your heads, though.  We really did go to a cemetery today.  My aunt is the family historian – she’s been doing this stuff for years.  Well, when she found out where we were living, she told me that we had family buried near here (same county, no kidding). So, my aunt sent us the information about the cemetery and who we were looking for (along with some death certificates and even a picture) and a little gas money to get us there.  The cemetery was actually very lovely – though a little steep – and it was a cool, cloudy afternoon, so it was actually very pleasant.  We walked around, took pictures, and got close to my roots.  I can understand why my family would live there.  It’s a lovely area and it’s still mostly untouched in the area where the cemetery is and it was nice to be outside.  I love being outside.  ^__^

The coolest thing?  I share a birthday with one of my ancestors, Mary Wilder.  It was cool.  And connecting.  I’m looking for another cemetery, in another town, that I haven’t been able to locate (the cemetery, not the town).  I’m looking forward to finding it. ^__^  My aunt wants to get someone else involved in the family genealogy, and apparently her own children don’t have any interest, so I’m a prime target.  Which I was anyway.  I’ve always been fascinated about where I come from (I mean, hey, it has influenced my religious path), so I’m also an easy target.  ^__^

Now, to the “anniversaries” part.  Tomorrow (actually, in about an hour) is our third anniversary.  ^__^  Three years.  Isn’t that crazy?  And completely awesome!  I’d hoped to be preggo by now, but I’m okay.  Okay, well, I’m a little obsessive, but I blame that on the OCD.  It’s not my fault, see?  ^__~  But I’m not going to be on tomorrow – you know, cause….we’re going on another adventure.  Heh, you thought I was going to give dirty details.  For shame.  I only say things more when it’s for baby making.  Recreationally, it’s none of your business.  Pervs.  ^__^  Okay, okay.  I’m done.  Forty minutes until our anniversary.  I’m gonna get some ice cream.  Good night.  Brightest blessings!

Please, let me know what you think!

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