Eh, off days…

So, all hope is lost for this month.  I started on Tuesday, which meant I was weepy and grouchy and hurting.  Fun.  And yesterday it was worse, but that’s par for the course for me.  The good thing?  Joshwa’s had two days off in a row.  And he has two days off in a row next week!  Crazy!  And one of them is our anniversary!  (yep, folks, our THIRD anniversary is next Thursday, but more about that later) But so, between starting and having Joshwa for a couple of days, I’ve just kinda vegged out.  It has helped, since the only way I’ll be a mommy in 2011 is if I have twins or deliver early.  By my calculations, at the earliest (full term, one baby) I’ll be a mommy the second week in January if we get pregnant next month.  And at this point, that’s beginning to look like a pretty big IF.


Not going to get down, though.  I believe too deeply that we’re supposed to be parents.  And I have to believe that there is a reason for it taking so long.  So I’ll continue to pray and we’ll continue to try (weekend after next – though probably a lot more than just that, lol).    In the meantime I’m going to enjoy my blogs and enjoy this cool snap we’ve had since last night.  Yay!  Don’t have to turn on the ac yet!  And I’ve definitely been enjoying the blogs.  I should be putting up the blog page soon – though I will continue to take your blogs!  Just keep posting them on the comments for the original post.


I’m especially happy, because of one of the blogs I’ve been looking at, peaceful parenting, has information about circumcision – something I’ve come to feel very strongly about (against) since I’ve started seriously thinking about becoming a mom.  I had before told my Joshwa that I would leave the decision up to him – him being a man and having a religion we both believed called for it.  Well, as time has gone by and I’ve examined my beliefs about the kind of mom I want to be, I’ve realized that my passive approach to circumcision didn’t go along with the type of active, involved mom I wanted to be.  So I talked to Joshwa again and he told me to get him information together and he’d look at it.  Well, on peaceful parenting she has quite a bit of information, from moms who are against it, moms who circumcised their first son, from sons who now have issue with their parents for circumcising them.  And, as importantly, she has a resource for Christians who think that they are required by religious law to circumcise.  Well, I had Joshwa read these last night.  Afterwards, he didn’t really have anything to say, so I asked him.  He told me that he would leave the decision up to me since I had strong feelings about it.  I know it’s not vitally important right this minute, but I want us to have a game plan, especially since many of our decisions will not be popular with our families.


And why am I spending so much time thinking about this?  Well, what else am I going to do?  My house is pretty much clean (okay, so I really need to vacuum, I’ll get to it), my bills pretty much paid (waiting on the monthly payment for Joshwa’s student loan tomorrow, but that’s because it’s scheduled for the 25th of every month), and my husband is now pretty much working full-time.  I spend most of my free time on BabyCenter talking with those ladies and on Facebook talking to my family – though I spend most of it on BabyCenter, since I’m completely “out of the broom closet” with everyone except most of our families.  So I go where I can be myself.  Where everyone is usually talking about their decisions for their children and the reactions of their families, friends, and health care providers.  And since Alabama is currently only allowed Certified Nurse Midwives – of which there are only 70-some-odd practicing in the entire state – and no other types of certified midwives, I want to make sure early that we both are in agreement and understanding of what we don’t want to happen.  And, since I’m going to be, you know, giving birth, Joshwa will be our voice – telling “no vax, our child is not to leave this room(yes, you can do that!), no circ(if it’s a boy), no c-section unless there is no other way, you’re not putting that into my wife or she’ll kill us both when she comes out of it” and all that jazz.  Because there are very specific things that will not happen, and others that won’t happen they way they do for other people.


But, see?  These are the things I do, lol.  Is there any wonder why I can’t get my mind off babies, even when I’ve had bad news?  Of course, I’m still reading up about green solutions, but most of those are through parenting blogs/websites.  So if you have a plain-jane blog about green technology/cleaning/anything that isn’t related to parenting, I NEED IT!  ^__^  Okay, it’s late, so I’m gonna go.  I’ll make sure I come on here tomorrow, even if all I say is, “where’s mah blogzez at?!”  Brightest blessings!

5 thoughts on “Eh, off days…

    • Lol, you’ll understand one day.^__~ Though I hope it’s easier on you than it has been on me. We’ll see!

      I will look into it, though I’ve never really thought about writing a script.

  1. Thank you, Catherine. ^__^ And since I’ve been trying for nearly a year now, I didn’t actually think I’d be prepared quite THIS far in advance. But I’m glad that I am as some of the things that I believed I either didn’t care about or that I believed I would do differently than I now intend to.

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