I’m looking for blogs!

Okay guys, gals, and creatures from the netherverse, I’m looking for some awesome blogs!  Some of the greatest information I’ve found lately have come from blogs from people who look at the world like I do.  I mean, I could go out and continue searching through all the millions of billions of pages on the intrawebz for the info that I’m looking for, or I can find some awesome people who are looking for the same things I am who have already searched through millions of billions of pages. I mean, I still have every intention of looking at the facts before I make a decision, but why not?  Besides, I love hearing about these other people’s lives and opinions.  ^__^

What brought this on?  Well, I stumbled across this really awesome blog today peaceful parenting and it has some great resources about not circumcising – something I’m trying to talk to Joshwa about, breastfeeding, babywearing, kangaroo mother care (skin-to-skin contact immediately and constantly), and other things that I am interested in.  And as it is written (primarily written? hard to tell and there’s no “About” page) by a PhD-turned-mother who looks at all of this from an academic standpoint as well as an emotional one.  There’s also the blogs from some of the ladies on my BabyCenter groups that I’ve been wanting to read, but every time I have a free minute, I completely space (so hard to believe, right?).  So I’m going to create my page.

So here’s what I need.  I need suggestions for blogs about parenting – preferably green/eco-friendly, Attachment Parenting (though I’m more into the “soft” AP more than hardcore AP, rabidly anything makes me nervous, you know), on a budget, in the dirt, non-vaxing, and “crunchy” (for example, pp is a pretty crunchy site) style parenting.  I’m also looking for ecoblogs – green energy, green building, green cleaning, and the like.  And finally, I’m looking for spiritual blogs, particularly that focus on whole family spirituality – from definite Pagan blogs, to spiritual awakening, spiritual healing, and just about any religious blog that doesn’t say “X is the only way to achieve heaven/enlightenment/oneness/whatever, all other ways lead to hell/death/ignorance/whatever”.  Any crossover is, of course, awesome.  In fact, you could say that any blog that crosses all three would be an ideal blog, especially as that’s what I’m trying to create here.

But email them to me, leave them as a comment, send them in a telegram (okay, not really, as that would be creepy); just get these to me.  I’m inviting you to spam me! ^__^  Granted, I will be checking all websites before I approve them, so no nonsense – as in it better actually be a blog about something!  Please include a brief description to let us all know what it’s about.  And, no offense to anyone who speaks another language, right now I only speak English; so any non-English blogs will be deleted as spam since I can’t verify that they are actually about something, ya know?  Oh, and if it’s your blog, tell me!  It won’t increase or decrease your chance of it getting added to my page-o-blogs, but it would be nice to know.  And I would definitely try a little harder, seeing as how I know how it is trying to get your blog read!


So, off you go my pretties!  Bring me lots of blogs to read!  And keep your eye out for my “Blogs I Like” page coming soon!  Brightest blessings as always.

10 thoughts on “I’m looking for blogs!

    • As a photography lover (wouldn’t call myself an artist, but maybe in-training? ^__^) I love your blog! Your pictures are fantastic and I always love to see someone who’s willing to explain their method and offer advice rather than say “look how awesome I am…you can’t do this because you just don’t have it in you”. Thanks for the share, and I’ll let you know once my blog page is up. ^__^

    • Thanks for the link! Your blog (and book) are exactly the kind of thing I had in mind. It sounds like you’ve managed to do exactly what I’m hoping to do. If your book reads anything like your blog, it’s a good read. You’re making me wish I could get back to the UK again, though! ^__^

      For my readers – her book is about $20 (USD) and her blog is linked on the left-hand side of her page.

  1. Eh, I’d so link your blog anyway. Cause I think you’re awesome. ^__~ I’d put it on my front page, like Joshwa’s (totally inactive cause he’s a dork) blog. Because that’s how I roll. And I ❤ you major.

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  3. I would love to link to your blog. My blog, Love Your Life, is about how life challenges us to learn and grow. It is a journey that I take with my readers to explore the answers and the many facets of life. I write articles that help others find serenity, joy, hope, inspiration, and healing in their lives. Come visit me and see for yourself. Thanks!! http:/www.randigfine.com

    • I’m glad to add your blog to my list. I looked around a little and I really like what you’re doing. I’ll be looking further once I get you posted up. Thanks for sharing it. ^__^

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