Blessed Ostara!

Okay, so by the time I actually post this, it won’t be Ostara any more.  My apologies.  And I can’t even claim to have been busy all day, since I spent most of it asleep.  This morning, Joshwa and I got up around 9:30 so that I could take a HPT (that’s home pregnancy test, for those who missed the memo ^__^) as part of our holiday – you know, new beginnings, new life, why not? Well, I’ll tell you why not.  Because it was a big, fat no.  Now, granted, with the way my cycle has fluctuated between 30 and 35 days, it could just be a “not yet”, but y’all know how I am.  I’d rather just not know until Aunt Flo shows up that to get that definite negative.  So we cuddled and Joshwa made me feel better before he had to go to work.  And I went back to sleep.  I slept until like 4 or something.  I felt better afterward, if that makes up for it.


Oh, and did I mention?  *checks back*  Yes, I did!  Joshwa’s working full-time!  Still don’t know about when he’ll be bumped up to official “full-time” status, but he’s getting the hours.  Of course, that means he was gone for a full nine hours today, so he didn’t get home until nearly nine.  But that’s okay.  What’s the point of me being a homemaker if not to be here and available to entertain him when he’s home?  Lol.


So after my nap, I did get up and clean some.  I finally got my alter set up.  You can see it here.  I’ve reorganized…again.  ^__^  I’ve just about got everything how I want it.  For now.  I really do have trouble with making up my mind.  I even managed to get my storage unit cleaned up/reorganized so that our grill doesn’t sit on top of anything.  I got most of it done before Joshwa got home.  So he could fire up the grill and grill us up some chicken for Ostara!  It’s a recipe from a “Wheel of the Year Cookbook” that I got from Biloxi (now Gulf Coast) Pagan Pride Day 2008 that I modified to suit us.  Just a marinade of honey, Dijon mustard, and olive oil.  It tastes AWESOME!  But it took forever because we’re still getting the hang of cooking over charcoal (Joshwa was a gas grill man).  We made fry cakes (kinda like mini-pancakes, but with honey instead of sugar and cooked in oil instead of butter, makes them more savory than sweet) and made offering to our fae friends and our Deities.  Of course, I wasn’t smart and didn’t check for ants.  It’s okay, we found them just fine…with our feet!  We left the offerings and ran inside and upstairs to wash the ants off and put Cordizone on to stop the itching.  ^__^


So, we’re finishing up supper and watching one of our new favorite movies, “Stardust”.  AWESOME movie.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest it.  Maybe I’ll write a review of it.  So, have a good night (or morning or whatever).  Blessed Ostara!  Looking forward to Beltane!

Please, let me know what you think!

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