Happy Everybody’s Irish Day!

Well, I’ve absolutely zero hits today.  I guess all my readers are celebrating “Everybody’s Irish” Day.  Because, no, I don’t celebrate the man held responsible (glorified by the Catholic church) for destroying the pagan faith of ancient Ireland.  I see it more as a celebration of my Irish heritage and a day of remembrance for a way of life now mostly lost to us.  To celebrate what has survived, through story and song – the heart of the Irish.

So, drink if it’s your thing, but take a moment to think about the people who gave you such a great excuse to drink.

Anyway, what did I do with my day?  I paid bills!  Woot!  May sound crazy to you, but I love paying bills.  I’d rather have the bills to pay if it means having my own place, and I get such a sense of accomplishment seeing that “paid” on my bill.  Granted, most of our bills are about a month behind at the moment, with us still recovering, but we’re making headway.  We’ll have our cell phone bill caught up next month and our power bill will be paid on time next month (though hopefully within a couple of months I’ll be able to pay before the last-minute), and our bank is back in the red.  We’ll have my med bills paid in June, our Wal-Mart card up-to-date by June, and our Capital One card paid off by November or December.  Just so long as I get it paid by next February, there’ll be no interest charged to it.

Then we can start looking into paying of Comcast (or finally getting them to admit we don’t owe them any money, either way getting it taken care of) and I guess paying off the [expletive deleted] “doctor” who told me “you probably just had an early pregnancy miscarriage.”  I really don’t want to pay that bill, but rather than talk to me, they turned it over to collection.  I’m sorry, who makes $325 for ten minutes work?  That’s bullshit.  But whatever it takes to get the good credit we need to be able to buy our land and build our house when the time comes.  We’ll have to get a new car, too.  We might see about paying Capital One off more quickly once Josh gets his raise.

Which….he starts his training (meaning he’ll actually get full-time hours) on Saturday!  Yay!  His first check with the full-time hours will be April 14, when we’ll be getting some nice steaks and such for his birthday – especially since my Momma and my Aunt Sharon (her oldest sister) will be here.  I feel another happy dance coming on. The Stickman Jig!That's One Happy Penguin!

Okay, I think I’m done.  ^__^  I love having my Momma around.  I love having my Aunt Sharon around.  Having both of them at the same time?  It’s craziness in the best possible way.  Have I mentioned I’m going to be them when I grow up?  Yeah, totally.  I’m already seeing the signs.  Some are cute, some I used to tease them for, and some make me grimace.  Good naturedly, of course.

Okay, well, I’m going to bed now.  Feeling a little sick to my stomach (though, thank goodness the cold sweats have passed) and we’ve got to go shopping tomorrow.  So, good night, dearest reader.  Brightest blessings always.

Please, let me know what you think!

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