I have my crack back!!!! *maniacal laughter*

Bwahahaha!  Yes, my darling readers, that’s right!  I have my internet crack back!  I am sitting on the beloved couch right now as I type this to you.  I am have my own source of the intrawebz again!(yes, Joshwa, I want that to say “am have” ^__~)  Yay!  There are so many things I’ve been promising for a while now, and I can now pass those awesome things on to you! I can tell you about the ministry that Joshwa and I are looking to start.  I can tell you all about our new apartment and our new town and get you pictures of this awesome place that we now call home.  I’m sure there’s something else that I’m forgetting.  If so, please let me know.  Most importantly, I can again start feeding your brain with my daily dose of mine.  I’m going to try finding awesome new things to talk about rather than just the inane ramblings of my mind.  Not that you’ll lose those inane ramblings, I’ll just have other stuff, too.  ^__~  And, oh, the webcomics to catch up on!  I’m so excited, I’m about to wet my pants.  Okay, not really, but I’m still excited.

Though, let me tell you, it was a close thing.  I was more inclined to knock the moron in the head when he first got here.  When Joshwa first called to get the internet, the guy told him we wouldn’t have to pay anything up front.  Nothing.  Nada.  Which works for us.  And we scheduled it for this morning, because we had stuff to do.  Well, we got the verification call at 9am that he’d be here sometime between 10 and 12.  Well, 11:30 gets here and I start getting grouchy (I’m of a mind that if you have an appointment at 10, you get there at 9:30) and I looked up the number on my handy-dandy phone.  At 12:05, Joshwa called and was like “WTH?”  After some grumping and growling, we have the rest of our $40 installation fee (which the salesman had already waived) waived for the guy being late.  Well, he shows up right after Joshwa gets off the phone and Joshwa says to me “watch this guy walk up in here and ask for COD”.  No lie, the guy walks in, asks if we’re the ones wanting cable, and then asks for COD!  Not just payment, but COD.  We shared a look.  Then Joshwa informs him that we had it waived, and he threatens to walk off the job – and we told him to go ahead.  I don’t think he’s dealt with people like us before, but we’ve dealt with his kind before.  So, he calls the salesman Joshwa had talked to yesterday and the salesman informs him that, no, he does require payment and that he didn’t tell Joshwa yesterday that he couldn’t have it.  All the while I’m grumbling to myself about how he’s gonna be running late and now they want payment.  And the guy actually says to ME, “what, you nevah late?” (he had an Asian accent so thick Joshwa had to occasionally translate between us).  I flipped out on him.  I informed him that, no, I was never late for business appointments and if I was running late for personal ones, I at least had the courtesy to call and let them know I was going to be late – not just show up 15 mins late.  Well, Joshwa told him that if he was going to charge us after telling us otherwise, we weren’t getting the internet.  So he relented and the guy went outside to do whatever he had to do and came back in with a different attitude.  Of course, he also walked in while Joshwa was on the phone with his dad, and we were cutting up (I was “throwing a fit” because they’re not going to spend as much time with us because we don’t have kids yet), and he asked if he needed to come back.  Ha.  He tried to play the pity card – “normally I just leave, cause Charter don’t pay me” – but I flat-out told him that if that was the case, Charter was ripping him off and he needed to take it up with them.  Finally, he finished up and I told him I hoped the rest of the day wasn’t nearly as eventful as we were.

So, to those of you who don’t know me, yes, I can be a nightmare.  Yes, I expect a lot from my service people.  And, yes, I understand that he was confused.  And if what he says is true, then I hope he takes this as a sign and gets the payments he deserves from Charter.  But I’m not going to pity him to the point where I pay for something I was told I didn’t have to.  I’d rather go without.  And the fact that neither he nor the salesman were willing to push the issue makes me think they’re both full of shit.  But, yes, I expect a lot when it comes to service.  I expect a lot from wait staff.  But, when the situation calls for it, I tip 20% or so for good service.  Granted, I’ve also walked away without leaving ANY tip for bad service.  That’s just how I am.  And it’s how I expect others to treat me in the same/similar situation.

Okay, got that out, now we’ve gotta go shopping (since that’s what we’d put off waiting on this guy).  But I shall return.  Never fear, I shan’t leave you like that again.  ^__^  (oh, and my herb seeds that my Momma got me have started to sprout!  woot!  I haven’t killed them yet!)  Brightest blessings!

3 thoughts on “I have my crack back!!!! *maniacal laughter*

  1. LeaAnn, have I ever mentioned how awesome you are? ‘Cause it seems like you deserve to be told this, like, three times a day.

  2. You know, right back at you. You’ve been an awesome help for my spirit these last several months. I’ll be your reminder of how awesome you are if you’ll be mine. Deal? ^__^<3

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