Things are better

So, I’m doing better.  I still have moments, and I will for a while, but I’m better.  I’m also feeling better about our situation financially.  We’ve paid this months rent, our debt with Chase is paid in full (though we hadn’t wanted it to be!), we’ve started payment to Windham for Josh’s student loan, so they won’t take it straight from his check (a huge relief), and we’re moving along nicely.  He’ll get paid again in two weeks, and we can pay on our other bills (including getting the internet turn on!!!  woot!). I’m afraid to be too hopeful, because it seems like every time we see light at the end of the tunnel, suddenly something comes up and it’s like we’re sinking again (how you like my mixed metaphors? lol).  But I’m cautiously hopeful this time.  Unless we have an unforeseen something pop up (knock on wood and say a little prayer) we should be okay.  And on top of all this?  We’re still expecting Josh to start his training soon for CSM and he’ll start picking up full-time hours with the training!  Yay!


Now, we’re not 100% about when all this will start.  Yesterday was Josh’s 90 day mark (we’re waiting on his discount card to come in!) and he’s already had his first quarterly review, so now we just have to wait.  He talked to the assistant store manager yesterday and HE said Josh would start his training in three weeks – but before he was told he would start training next week and start the actual position in three weeks.  So keep your fingers crossed.  Because, along with a pay raise, his getting this job will ensure us something I haven’t had in three years – health insurance.  Ah.  I never truly appreciated health insurance until I didn’t have it anymore.  And how sad that something that is so expensive and hard to get if you don’t have it through work should be something so important.  *shakes head*  I could probably rant about this all day and half the night, so I will restrain myself.  For now.  ^__~

What else?  Well, pray for us this weekend.  I should be ovulating Sunday morning.  So, you know, don’t think about us…making babies.  But think about us, pray for us that we’re able to.  But, please, keep that part out of your minds.  Perverts.  ^__^  We’ll know something around the time that Josh gets paid again.  So much to look forward to on “Everybody’s Irish” Day.  (Because, let’s be honest, I’m not really gonna celebrate the guy that is honored for getting rid of all the Pagans in Ireland….just saying)


Well, I’ve still got some stuff to do, and only 20 mins on the computer here, so I’ve got to run.  But, soon, dear readers, soon I shall return on a full-time basis.  We’ll have pictures and daily(ish) updates, and all the things we so enjoy.  Brightest blessings to you.

3 thoughts on “Things are better

  1. Yay, great news! I will not jinx you this time by telling you how much better everything’s going to be, though, because last time that kind of failed.

  2. No, because things have steadily been getting better. I’m just terribly impatient. I always expect things to be better NOW, lol. Things WILL continue to get better. Because they DID get better before. I mean, hello! We’re in an awesome place, with an awesome landlord. All of our bills are set and no one is taking money out of Josh’s check. Pretty awesome, if you ask me. ^__~ You jinxed nothing, darling.

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