Hello “New Post” button!

Okay, I know I promised that I’d be updating more, and I really intend to, it just hasn’t been able to happen yet.  We’re in our new place, though!  *happy dance* We’re nearly broke, but we’re in our place and SOOOO happy.  ^__^  In another month we should be all straight. Now, why aren’t we straight now?  Well, that would be because Josh’s (and mine, since I’m a non-working spouse) was high-jacked by the Department of Education to pay for Josh’s student loan (done through the National Scholarship something-or-another).  We’re currently doing the paperwork to get at least part of that back, but it’ll be at least 7-10 business days once we get it turned in (after we manage to get all the corresponding paperwork together to send in with it).  So, for now, we’re still scraping by, trying to get one of our laptops limping along again, and praying that Josh gets his promotion soon.

Oh, yes, promotion?  Yes!  They can’t say that he has it yet, but everyone is very positive.  They have to file some paperwork and he has to interview for the position.  But, come on, this is Joshwa, the coolest, nicest, greatest guy to ever walk the face of this earth.  And they all think the sun rises on him there, anyway.  For any of my readers who know us IRL, you KNOW him.  He’s the greatest thing since sliced bread!  ^__^  So, we’re waiting for the interview (they should have processed his paperwork today, I’ll know when I go get him from work shortly…like should probably leave now, lol).

Let’s see, anything last-minute?  Still TTC, currently waiting to see if our favorite (*gag*) time of the month shows up in the next couple of days and trying to decide when I should take the pregnancy test.  So don’t know about that just yet.  Oh, and no puppy.  At least not until I can talk Richard into it.  ^__^  For now I just shower his dog, Mr. Fuzz, with affection.  Okay, I think that’s it.  Gotta run!

But, please, Dear Readers, have patience with me.  I shall return to you on a full-time basis soon.  Just got to get our stuff straight.  If you’re good, next time I’ll post some pics of our new place and all our stuff cluttering the place up, lol.  Brightest blessings to all of you!!!

Please, let me know what you think!

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