We have a place!!!  And it’s wonderful!  It’s a townhouse (for those of you who aren’t rental language savvy, it’s a two-story apartment – living on the first, beds on the second).  It’s a great price, and we’ve got an awesome manager, Richard, whom I already adore.  So, we’re sleeping on the floor, so what?  Lol, we’re going to get our stuff next week (Josh actually has two days off in a row, so that’ll make it easier since it’s at least a 5 hour trip one way). I’m so looking forward to getting all our stuff in our apartment.  And it feels so clean after all the crap with staying with my sister.

Now, I told myself I wasn’t going to talk bad about her after we moved out.  But then, on Friday, there was a misunderstanding.  We had talked a couple of weeks ago and she told us we had to be out by the 28th (for those keeping count, yes, three days before the end of the month) and we told her that we were intending to be out by the 3rd since that’s when Josh got paid again, and she said, “okay, good.”  We took that to mean that we had until the 3rd.  Then, come Friday morning as Josh was getting ready to leave for work, she asks when we’d be out.  When I tried talking to her, she said too bad.  Nothing, not an offer to help us get our stuff together, just too bad.  So I took the hubs into work and came back and proceeded to pack all of our stuff by myself.  While she sat there with her friend and watched.  It was probably the most stressful day of my life.  Until Richard called.  He loves me and Josh and not only did he want us to move in IMMEDIATELY, he worked with us on our deposit so that we would have money for things like food and gas until Josh got paid again.  So, alone, I managed to get almost all of our stuff in two trips.  Two.  Alone.  Awesome right?  Well, except that we forgot a couple of things – including our lucky bamboo, Qi – and took things that my sister has decided that she didn’t actually give to me, even though that’s what she told me at the time.  So, they were gone all weekend.  Monday, I text her about it and she’s like, sure, come on, but bring me this.  Well, the intention was for Josh to stop by on his way home, and the stuff was with me.  Then she changed her tune, saying it wasn’t a good day after all.  So I got an attitude (through text, mind you) and was like, fine, I’ll get him to come get me so you can have your knitting needles back.  Then she calls and says that she’s not being a bitch (which, of course, she was) but *insert sob story here*.  So, that was MONDAY, right?  Well, yesterday, we couldn’t get over there (because we live in a different town now) because of a righteous storm (it was a rainstorm, not snow like their getting up Chicago way).  So I text her today asking about it and she says she’ll be home after 3….and where are all her books.  I was like, you mean, all the books that I actually put up on the shelf for you?  And got a snide text back from her.  It’s like, grow up!  I’ve done my level best to bite my tongue every time she’s made unfounded accusations against us and bent over backwards keeping her house, all because we were staying with her – not for free, mind you, but because they took us in.

Rawr!  About to head over there now.  So glad to finally get it done (hence getting it out here so that hopefully I don’t have it building up in me anymore).  Because we’re all about the good now.  Got a place, got an awesome refund check coming in, and the sun is (metaphorically at the moment) shining on us.  Now, just got to wait a week and see if we’re preggers yet, lol.  Thank you to everyone who’s been praying for us.  It’s been much appreciated.

One thought on “GREAT NEWS!!!

  1. YAY! *happy dances for LeaAnn* I’m SO glad things are finally starting to work out for you guys! *fist pump, cheerful shout*
    Isorry that your little older sister is being a b-word about things, though. She obviously can’t see how hard you try and your awesomeness. Must be a sister thing.

    NOTE: Here in MI, Snowpocalypse was pathetic. Snow for half a day, not even that badly. We had TWO days off from school because of it. *makes cunfuzzled face*

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