Apartment hunting

Ah, yes, apartment hunting.  It’s like big game hunting.  Without the thrill of knowing that there is a hot meal waiting for you at home, even if you don’t get the kill.  My sister has told us we have to be out next Friday.  Love how she waits until the last-minute for this shit, but it’s her prerogative, and we had intended to be out at the first of Feb anyway. Just have to push up our schedule a week.  Since she’s kicking us out three days before the end of the month.  *insert eye roll here*  And not because of differences, and Lord and Lady know we’ve had several.  But because their power bill has magically gone up $200 “since we’ve been here”.  Now, first off, we haven’t had a $200 power bill.  Ever.  Not in Chicago winters or in the summer in south Mississippi.  EVER.  So that’s bull.  Secondly, if it had gone up that much before, she’d have thrown that in our faces when they gave us “the ultimatum” back in Nov.  Now, don’t misunderstand.  I can understand them wanting us out.  We want out.  But at least just say that’s what it is.  And stop bringing friends along for the ride.  This is my older sister, a woman I have known my entire life.  And rather than just sit down with me and say “hey, this is what’s up”, she brought her friend in – someone that’s not family and not involved in this – to talk to us about it.  Like, seriously?  Put on your big girl panties.  Last I checked we were both grown women who could have a fucking conversation! (excuse the language, I’m just a little ill)

Okay, having gotten that out, I feel better.  The steam has been building for a while and has gotten worse since Christmas.  And, I hate moving.  I hate house/apartment hunting.  Funny, considering that I’ve now lived “all over” and have moved several times over the last five years.  But I do.  I hate the hunt.  I like finding my place and being there.  And now, I’m hunting.  Guh.  We thought we’d found an awesome place, advertising 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms available now.  What they actually meant was a 1 bedroom, available Feb 15.  It only took two weeks and three trips (since they apparently don’t answer the phone there) for us to find this out.  And that adds to my irritation.  But, we’ve found some other places to check out and we’re hopeful.  Everything works out if you’re willing to meet it half way.  I think our trials over the last six months show that out.  And we’re definitely willing to go more than halfway to find the other side of this.  Then, we can start looking for our forever home.  In another state.  Yeah.  Well, we’ll look for our forever hometown.  Not our forever home HOME.  Because, yeah, not buying straight out.  That’s a little too scary.  Or maybe?  I don’t know.  One step at a time.  ^__^

Oh, and as an aside.  Please pray for/send light/healing energy to my grandmother.  We just found out that she has lung cancer.  I’ve struggled with whether I should share this, because my grandmother is very private and I got a specific request not to share this on Facebook.  But I figure she needs praying for.  And it’s not like she’s ever going to find out about me asking y’all.  Just pray for her, that she’ll have the strength to go through the treatments and that she’ll recover quickly.  This is her second bout with cancer – I was a young child the first time, so it’s been nearly 2 decades since – and it’s barely been more than a year since we lost my grandfather.  Let me tell you, even though I didn’t think that I’d find love before Josh, I knew true love existed, because my Mammaw and Pappaw had it.  Through over 50 years and five children and all us grandkids, they loved hard.  They used to bicker for the fun of it and I’ve promised myself and my beautiful husband that we’ll be that in love when we’re in our 80’s.  But we’re not ready to lose her.  I don’t know how our family would stand that loss, especially since Pappaw, in his quiet way, was most definitely the head of the family and Mammaw was his second-in-command, holding everybody together when we lost him.  Who would hold everyone together then?  Because the factions in our family (ie, those of us who are too busy being happy with our lives and one another, and those who aren’t happy with their lives as they are so they’re constantly scrabbling for better and gossiping about each other and everybody else) would likely fall to pieces.  Not necessarily a bad thing, except my little brother is currently living with one of those gossips.  And I think her kids still have a chance.  And not just because we adore each other.  ^__^

Okay, so I got way off the topic of apartment hunting – but then, I usually do, don’t I?  I promise, soon, I’ll work on the post I hinted at in my last post.  Just gotta find the time when things don’t seem completely insane.  I’ve heard times like that exist.  Really, I have.  Until later, brightest blessing always.

3 thoughts on “Apartment hunting

  1. No matter what happens, LeaAnn, you will always have people that care about you waiting in the wings and you WILL PULL THROUGH! I promise.

  2. I know. XP
    But really. How can an awesome sauce person like you NOT win at life and have lots of people who love you no matter what?

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