What is going on here?!

Ugh, so I’m sitting here, feeling like total crap, wondering if I’m actually pregnant.  I’m having bleeding, but nothing like period bleeding. My sister tells me she did this three times while she was pregnant with my nephew.  But I still haven’t gotten a positive pregnancy test result.  I’m going to take it again in the morning, since I’m still having the persistent symptoms that I’ve been having for the last several weeks.  I was a little worried earlier today because I wasn’t having any symptoms – I felt stable and not sick for the first time.  Now, I’m feeling dizzy again, and I was seriously nauseous earlier with my food aversions that have been happening every few days.  So, I’m worried, I can’t work until we know for sure what’s going on (and I’m starting to be thankful that my sister told the boss that I need to wait until I know), and my husband has an interview on Wednesday.  Which means I’m in limbo and no one else is – good for them, frustrating for me.

Okay, I feel a little better.  I feel better still when I finally get that positive test result and can go see a doctor and get some reassurances.  So, in other news, met my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and two nieces for lunch yesterday.  Sis is moving to Moselle to the family home until she can have her bit of land cleared.  I think it will do her some good to be around a different grouping of the family.  I think it would be better still if she could have some of her dad’s family influence on her, but she’s burned her dad so much and so often, that I don’t blame him for offering.  She’s always quick to take his help, but then quick to turn on him with help from her mother.

Lunch was good – I loved spending time with our nieces and I think that the hubs and I are good influences on them since we’re the only affectionate couple in their lives.  The only other couple is hubs’s younger brother and his wife who….well…aren’t.  They’re so sweet sometimes – of course, they are also often spoiled brats, but they are better about that with us mainly because we don’t put up with it.  With the youngest, she was sickly all during sis’s pregnancy and the first year or so, so sis tends to spoil her.  And oldest niece has two parents with different parenting styles (I’ve only heard bad about her father, but I’ve never met him), and sis isn’t very consistent in her parenting style herself.

ANYWAY, what I mean is, after the first twenty minutes, they were sweet and well-behaved.  It was really sweet, since they each wanted to sit next to one of us and demand our undivided attention.  Of course, it made it difficult to talk to Mother and sis – not necessarily a bad thing, all considered.  We played checkers with them – ie, hubs and I played checkers and the girls took sides.  It was really fun and I think we taught them an important lesson when I beat the hubs in an unconventional way.  ^__^  It was kind of funny when the girls realized how I won – thankfully backed up by Mother since hubs tried arguing the point!

Now, I’m gonna get ready for bed – setting the pregnancy test out so I don’t forget to take it first thing in the morning to give it all the help it needs.  ^__~  I’ll let y’all know something solid when I know something solid.

2 thoughts on “What is going on here?!

  1. Good luck!

    How late are you?

    With my first, I had no spotting or bleeding at all.

    With my second, I started bleeding and ended with a miscarriage.

    The bleeding lasted a long time on and off, although I started to ‘feel’ pregnant again. It turns out, I HAD gotten pregnant immediately after the miscarriage. That third pregnancy, I bled/spotted for 12 weeks, and everything turned out fine.

    So there’s definitely a chance you could be pregnant if you’re bleeding and late.

    When are you going to get a blood test?

    • I’m two and a half weeks late (two weeks as of Sunday). Had some symptoms for a couple of weeks, then nothing the last two days, and then today at lunch, full-blown nausea and food aversion hits me during lunch (yes, in the middle of my bowl of pasta at Olive Garden). So, it makes me feel a little better.

      I’m going to take another pregnancy test in the morning and then after the hubs gets done with his job interview tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to the ER. Because I’ve been getting the run around with people here because I’m “only two weeks late”. And with being new to the area, I don’t have an established doctor (doctor’s offices are part of the problem since I’m a new patient). *rolls eyes* But I’m trying to stay positive that things will get better once I do find a doctor.

      I’m working now on getting an appointment with my sister’s doctor. She had problems all throughout her pregnancy with my nephew, so if she tells me everything is okay, it’s gotta be, right? I’ll be posting again tomorrow as soon as I get back from the hospital, though.

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