Hey, hey!

Hey there, ladies and gents!  Thanks to a cousin with a computer, you get an update…like a real, live update!  We have officially left Chicago.  We’re staying over at our cousin’s house (preggo cousin) until Thursday so we can hang out with cousins and aunt and uncle.  And, because they are as internet addicted as we are, there is interwebz and computers!  Yay!  So, here’s what’s what.  We left Chicago last (Sunday) evening around 5, 5:30 and it was like we hit a time warp coming out of Chicago.  It took us an HOUR AND A HALF! to get out of the city and into Indiana.  So, what was a five-hour trip in the Jimmy became an eight-hour trip in the moving truck pulling the Jimmy.  I swear, when we moved to Chicago, we got two late starts and arrived in Nashville (our halfway point then) and Chicago in the middle of the night.  Now, we’ve started off like that again.  It was 1am central time (the time zone we left) and 2am eastern (our current and future time zone).

We spent today with A, eating out, hanging out, and then going out again with her hubby for dinner before going to the aunt’s house.  It was great fun.  Hubs and I are definitely feeling better now that we officially don’t live in Chicago anymore.  We’ve been laughing and cutting up – just being generally “us” who we haven’t really been in a while – so much so that A’s husband (who we’re just getting to know) thought we were nuts.  In a good way.  While at dinner, C (A’s hubby) was talking about the shirt he wore and how he only wore it around us because he didn’t think we’d talk about him behind his back.  At the same time, without even making eye contact, we both said “no, if we’re gonna talk about you, we’re gonna talk about you to your face”.  ^__^  We were all cracking up at that point!

Oh, and A is going in for an ultrasound after a worrisome day last week.  She’ll be going in for it on Wed and we’re gonna get to go with her.  We’ll get to see the baby’s heart beat!  ^__^ Yay!  I’m so excited about their baby.  We feel really close to them because we’re so much alike. Hubs and I got them gold medals since they won the “race to get pregnant” that A and I joked about after their wedding back in March.  It was really cute!

So, I’m currently two days late for my period, but I failed a pregnancy test today.  I really want to lay down and cry, but no one seems to notice, and I’ll do my best to keep it that way.  If the period doesn’t show up before we leave, though, I may take another one.  Maybe we just have to wait until after A’s ultrasound.  You know, one thing at a time?  I don’t know.  It kind of hurt my feelings that the hubs didn’t even seem to react and didn’t even wonder if I was upset.  I’ve been trying really hard not to think about it this time – especially after last month when I was so hopeful and AF showed up.  It broke my heart and I didn’t want to get all excited just to get shot down again.  Because I really want to be pregnant.  I never dreamed about having kids one day when I was growing up, because kids are part of a package deal for me and I never thought I’d have the husband part of the deal.  And now, I’m married to this wonderful man who I love so dearly and I want to have his babies, and I have this let down.  Last time at least there wasn’t the glaring statement of “Not Pregnant” as there was off the digital pregnancy test that A gave me to take this afternoon.

Okay, sorry about that, but I do feel better having vented a little.  Ah, virtual therapy.  It’s cheap and someone else gets entertained.  ^__^  So, back to what’s going on here, A and I did a totally girly thing (not my forte, I have to say).  We put braids in our hair (one each) and then we put beads on them with our hubbies names.  They’re really cute!  It’s funny, though.  Of course, I’ve got the long, ass length hair.  She’s got what most people consider long hair – it’s past her shoulders.  We’re sitting here and she tells me, “I thought I have long hair….and then I saw yours!”  It’s like, well, compared to me, nearly everyone is short and has short hair, lol.  It’s fun.

And on Thursday morning, we’ll be leaving on the last leg of our journey to Murphy, NC.  We are going to go see a couple of houses when we get there to see about renting them, and the hubs is going to be seeing about getting some interviews set up for Thursday/Friday.  We’re hoping that all goes well and we get all set up quickly.  The two houses we’re going to look at BOTH allow dogs!  It seems like providence (especially after I made several calls and had zero prospects for us and then Josh calls one number and gets us two houses that fit our needs and budget that allow dogs!).

I’m trying to stay positive, and feel better now that I’ve been able to give attention to my blog.  ^__^  But about to go to bed now.  Tomorrow A’s sister (who I’m looking forward to getting to spend some real-time with) will be coming over with her two little boys (one who wasn’t yet born the last time we were here).  I am worrying about finally having the religion conversation with A since we’re both on BabyCenter.com‘s forums and I worry that she’ll seek me out or we’ll just end up bumping into each other.  It sucks that I haven’t been honest with her about it yet, since it’s so important to me; but the concept of someone on the hub’s mother’s side of the family genuinely liking me has me hesitant because she is strongly Christian.  But at the same time, I can’t take the cowards way and just wait for her to find me and find out, because then it makes it into a dirty little secret.  Just gotta find a better opening line that, “I’m so glad we’re here spending time.  I’m so glad you’re pregnant.  I’m a Pagan.  What a lovely couch!”  Just lacks that certain “something”.

*le sigh* Okay, STOP STRESSING.  I’m going to bed before I can think about it anymore!  Night!

2 thoughts on “Hey, hey!

  1. I’m glad for you being happy about not being in Chicago anymore, but next summer’s going to suck without you guys. I’m so sorry you got let down about the babies thing again, and sorry I maybe insighted some thoughts about it. No idea what to do about telling ‘A’ that you’re a Pagan, although that couch idea has a nice ring to it. XP …Miss you so much, and you haven’t even been gone that long. I wish you luck on the houses, the dogs, and the babies.

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