So I’m likely to not be online for the next several days.  Our computer is no longer charging, so we’re having to get a new one.  A friend is sending us one, but not sure when it’ll get here.  But I’ll be back as soon as we have the new computer!  I’ll miss you guys while I am gone!  ^__^

And, hey, my birthday is Wed!  Finally be 25!  Lol.

3 thoughts on “FYI

    • Hi, honey! Thanks for stopping by. I hate not being able to post, but oddly enough, my highest views per day were actually AFTER the computer died!

      And those wondering, I’m commenting off the Wii, which can do everything except the body of a post (yes, INCLUDING the title!). We’re working on getting a desktop – hopefully next Monday will see us back online.

      Oh, and we’re now 18 days away from our move! Gods, help us get through these last two weeks and three days without committing violent crimes against our slum lord!

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