Baby stuff…

So, I’m waiting for Aunt Flo to show up (see, I can pretend to be tactful!) either today or tomorrow.  Maybe “waiting for [her] to show up” isn’t quite the right way to put it, since I’d really rather she didn’t! ^__^  But I’m waiting to find out if she will. I don’t know why this month has felt more likely than it did last month, especially since we didn’t make love as much this last month because the hubs has been exhausted from work – it took him until our last weekend (aka last Mon and Tues) to stop feeling whooped.  Maybe because I’m just now feeling better (even though I’m still not sleeping well) after days of being nauseous and tender.  Maybe it was just a mild stomach flu and my period coming.  Maybe.  ^__^

So, what have I been doing for the last week to keep myself distracted and not drive the hubs to amused insanity?  I’ve been chatting on the forums of  And what have I found there?  Forums about cloth diapering (as y’all know, something we’re definitely planning on doing) as well as what is called “Baby Wearing” or, as I’ve always thought of it, putting your baby in a sling our wrap to keep them close to you – something I’ve been interested in for as long as I can remember (I tried to get my sister to do this with my nephew when he was born when I was 15).  Apparently, it’s not as common as I assumed based on my own interest in it, lol.  But I’m getting a lot of good information, though I wish there were more on there willing to talk about homemaking baby carriers, since I’m hoping (aka, planning) to get my aunt to help me do just that.  And maybe teach me how to…maybe…if she has the patience.  Not that she doesn’t have the patience of a saint, I just think the Madonna would lose patience with me!  ^__^  We’ll see.

Another page I’ve found that I’ve been writing on, and actually made a friend on, is a Pagan parenting page.  I’m really enjoying it already.  It’s been so long since my husband wasn’t the only person that understood when I start talking about certain things.  Like empathy – the talent, not the general emotion.  I’ve been an empath my entire life, and learned most of my control through trial and error.  But last night I was able to reach out to someone who thought she might be an empath and couldn’t sort out here own emotions from everything else.  Been there, done that, so I offered a bit of advice.  And it was received with a nod and a smile (obviously not literally, as it’s a web forum) and others agreeing with me.  No strange looks, no “yeah, whatever, if you say so” attitude like I get from my friends around here that just can’t understand.  Not their faults, they just don’t know.  I’ve missed having other Pagans to talk to.  I’ve missed being able to say exactly what I mean, rather than finding an “acceptable” way of explaining it to their oh-so-Christian ears.  It was like a deep breath.  I was also able to reach out to another young lady who is a Pagan, about to get married to a Christian, and about to give birth.  Now I can’t actually offer advice on the baby part, but I’m more than happy to share my experiences with being in a Pagan/Christian interfaith marriage…since it seems there are precious few of us trying such a thing.  It made me feel better, like I’m accomplishing something worthwhile.

Please, let me know what you think!

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