Another sleepless night…

So, last night I decided that since I was getting tired around eight or so, then unable to sleep later on, that I’d sleep when I got tired.  So around ten I was falling asleep on the couch and the hubs and I moved back to the bedroom.  Ten minutes and I was out.  Now, it stormed here last night (finally, and I missed it! *pout*) and apparently I was sleeping lightly enough that every time it would thunder loudly, I’d jump and scare the hell outta my husband. I don’t remember it, but he said it happened a few times.  For me, I slept right through it.  But it was too good to be true.  What woke me up?

My husband getting up around 12:30 to go to the bathroom.  Now, understand, my hubs is a marathon pooper.  I’ve gotten him to sit less time in the bathroom than when we first got together, but 30 mins is not a big deal.  So, apparently I woke up when he left.  I laid here, praying to go back to sleep.  But it was dark, quiet, and I was alone.  So, I got up and went looking for him.  Last Monday (our Saturday) he woke up before me and went to sit on the couch so he didn’t wake me (after another sleepless night) and it kind of freaked me out because I thought he was at work.  So this time I went looking for him.

I found him and waited for him to get out of the bathroom by sitting in our less dark living room.  We live in the city and our living room faces the street, so it’s never completely dark in our living room.  We head back to bed and by that time, I’m wide awake.  I mean, nearly bouncing on my toes, getting a twitch, wide awake.  So, I do my nightly routine – play on the computer until my head starts to hurt, get off the computer and go straight to sleep (it’s worked great for the couple of weeks, anyway).  Except last night, I put down the computer, roll over into my comfortable position, close my eyes,….and my brain starts running a mile a minute.  Nothing too constant so that I can tell you what I was thinking about.  Just running.  This was around 5 am.  After I lay there for an hour or so, it gets to me.  I can handle a little missed sleep.  I cannot handle not sleeping at all.  Because I’ve been there before and I know that it makes me crazy.  Well, -er.  So, I cried.  It works sometimes, and it definitely makes me feel better by relieving some of the stress of not being able to sleep.

So, finally, I slept.  I don’t even remember the hubs leaving for work this morning, an event I rarely completely miss because I like at least being able to tell him bye.  I didn’t hear when he texted me to tell me he made it to work.  Nothing, until 2:22.  Is it a sign?  Lol, I don’t think so, though I do know people who attribute significance to such things – so I won’t knock it too much.  So, now I’m awake, hungry, and tired.  You’d think I wouldn’t have to be tired on top of it all.  It seems so unfair.  Of course, I’m one of the first to say it, Life’s Not Fair.  Still sucks.  And, yeah, I usually say that after saying that Life’s Not Fair.  So, now I’m gonna get up (I stay sitting in our bedroom some days because it gets unmercifully hot in our living room because our landlords don’t care about silly things like “energy-efficient”), get something to eat, wash some dishes, and wait on the hubs to get home.  That’s really when my day starts anyway.  Oh, well, tomorrow’s Sunday, and then we have our weekend!  Yay!

2 thoughts on “Another sleepless night…

  1. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

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