Been out of it for the last several days…

So, I haven’t been feeling my best the last few days.  Feeling kinda sick to my stomach and I haven’t been sleeping well.  Not sleeping well is so my MO, I know, but it just feels worse now.  I’m tired all the time, but I can’t get to sleep at night because my mind just races.   I can’t even tell you what all I think about because I can’t even keep up. For example, couldn’t sleep until around 4:30 or so this morning, and then I slept until nearly 3, and yet here I am at 7, and I’m nearly ready to fall over asleep.  No, I’m not taking naps in the afternoon (when I wake up before afternoon like yesterday) or early evenings.  I haven’t had coffee or sodas in a week or more, so it’s not over stimulation from caffeine.  I cut out most of my caffeine intake months ago.  So I’m just worn out.

Anyway, talked to my Momma today!  Yay!  I miss her a lot and she’s one of the things I’m looking forward to about our move.  When we first got together, the hubs (then boyfriend) and I would always have Sunday dinner with my parents.  It kinda slacked off to once or twice a month after we got engaged and were having to give equal time to his family who were constantly coming down to the Moselle house (about 30 mins away from where we lived in Hattiesburg).  I miss it.  I miss seeing my Momma every now and then.  I haven’t been home for Christmas in two years.  That’s rough on me, because I am so a Momma’s girl!  And don’t think that means that my Momma’s an annoying mother-in-law.  Oh, no, it means that my Momma adores the hubs.  Sometimes I think she likes him more than me!  Except for the whole he-brought-me-to-Chicago thing.  But I think she’s getting over that since we’re moving, lol.

So, as of Saturday, we’re in our final month in Chicago!  YAY!  Wish us luck getting everything sorted and packed and that the hubs gets some interviews set up before we leave.  Having a job waiting when we arrive would help us secure housing.  A really big deal, since I think I’ve found a house or two I really like.  ^__^

Well, gotta go for now.  Gotta make some dinner (and hope I can eat it) and then settle in for the evening with the hubs.  NCIS is on Ion tonight. ^__^

Please, let me know what you think!

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