Guess what I forgot!

So July 9th came and went and I completely forgot.  Josh and I have officially been smoke free for four months (had to recount that, can’t even remember how long it’s been)!  We’re doing good – have some strange dreams in which I’m smoking, but I always wake up feeling guilty.  I have to confess to the hubs before I feel better.  Still coughing gross stuff up every now and then, but not as bad as I was. The cough is getting a little old, but I just keep remembering, I’m halfway to the nine month mark.  I’m hoping that’s when the gross coughing will quit…just in time for Yule and Christmas!  And I’m gonna spend Christmas in Mississippi with my Momma and family.  ^__^  I haven’t spent Christmas with them in two years, so I’m very excited.  It’s gonna be a good holiday.  ^__^

Okay, well, I’m sitting here with Britt and Maddy – two of my favorite people ever, even if they are both under the age of 16. ^__^  Have to make sure I remember to mention them so that don’t think they aren’t an important part of my life.  They’re the ones I used to help pick up in Michigan or Indiana for their mom, remember?  They’re over at the house right now hanging out.  We’re watching really bad clothes on HSN right now. ^__^  Hubs should be home any minute now.  One more day until our weekend. Love the weekend!

Please, let me know what you think!

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