Play-by-post rpg…

Help me!  So one of my most favorite past times is writing for a play-by-post rpg.  Preferably free-form (no dice, focusing on the story building) with a Gothic/paranormal theme.  For a while I was a member on a site called Surrender (I was Amaya Toibin).  There were only a handful of us who were active, but we wrote some great stories together. We had vampires of course, and werewolves, witches, even angels and demons.  The angels and demons weren’t your heaven/hell type, but your order/chaos type.  And there were two types of werewolves – born and bitten.  Bitten werewolves are your typical slightly longer lives because of regen; but the born werewolves were indefinite, like vampires – live until they’re killed.  I prefer indefinite to immortal, since immortal implies can’t be killed.

Before that, I wrote on a Wheel of Time site, The Wheel of Time RPG.  I loved writing there because I”m a total WoTaholic.  It was set up so that you could train to become a Warder or Aes Sedai – you had to do classes and take tests to go up in rank, just like in the book.  I wrote on that site for several years with a character on each path, and yet never had a full character.  But I loved it.

I quit writing for a while because between working and falling in love, I just didn’t have the time to put toward writing a good story.  But now, I’m craving a writing site to join.  But I’m more interested in a story building site than a fighting site.  So I start searching through the reams of sites and I find that I can find nothing.  Oh, there are plenty of sites, but so many of them have things like “pick which actor/actress/model will represent your character!”  I’ve even seen them where you were REQUIRED to pick one – no cartoon character images, no regular people, you had to pick a celebrity.  SERIOUSLY!  That tells me before I even get inside that I don’t want to join.  My characters are straight out of my imagination, why should I have to search through reams of celebrities I don’t really care about until I find someone who looks like my character or, more likely, have to alter the person in my head?  I mean, once they’re in my head, they’re real to me.  It’s like making someone get plastic surgery!

That, or I find a site based off a book series I like, only to find that they’ve anal raped the idea of the story in such a way that it doesn’t even work in the world it’s set in.  One site, for example, is based on of Laurell K Hamilton’s Merry Gentry (fairy princess) novels – about the Sidhe (royal fey).  Each can have two Hands of Power – you know, because you only have two hands – but this writing site has multiple players with three hands of power.  Wtf?  And there isn’t even a place where they explain the discrepancy.

I just want a decent writing site that focus on the story rather than fighting.  I want mature writers (no kids who want everybody to have actual people representing their characters) with an interesting world.  If it’s based off the books, keep it to the books.  I’m so open to suggestions right now.  If you have any PLEASE SHARE!  I’m desperate for a decent writing community.

Please, let me know what you think!

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