*deep breath*

I received my new cell phone last Wednesday.  And I’ve loved it.  All week.  Yeah, all week.  As in, it’s not working.  What’s the problem?  The SCREEN went out.  Yeah, that would be the exact same problem that I had with my original phone.  So, I called Asurion again.   I go through all the crap and the questions twice – once for the automated service and then again for the girl who answers. I explain my situation – including that it took multiple phones to correct the issue – and she starts filling out the paperwork.  After ten minutes, she informs me that since they’ve already sent me five phones (two of which were from when my husband had to replace his phone), she can’t send it out, so she’ll have to send me to a different department.

So, after fifteen minutes on hold, a guy picks up – no “I’m sorry for the wait” or anything – and tells me I’m going to have to answer some questions about what’s wrong with the phone.  You know, the ten minutes worth of grilling I’d already gone through?  Yeah, that.  So, I get mad.  I asked him, “what, did the girl I was just talking to not put them in the computer?!” and he tells me, of course, but he has to ask, too.  So, I lost my temper a little bit and slipped ONE bad word.  And what is his response?  He lectures me about my language.  And I told him that I didn’t need a lecture, because I was sick of the crap I’ve been through with this company and he can’t even be polite to me, so let’s just get it over with.  And he attempts to lecture me again!  So I told him to shut it and get on with it, or pass me to someone who can do what I need.  Sure, it’s not his fault, but I’ve had too many problems with these people for him to not give me basic courtesy.

So, I’ve got a new Gravity 3 coming in the mail tomorrow.  Let’s hope this one freaking works so I can quit dealing with these people!

Please, let me know what you think!

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