Special night!

So I’m ovulating and we’re gonna have baby-making sex.  ^__^  So, I’m making my hubs a special dinner – because one of the biggest pieces of advice everyone keeps giving us is enjoy the sex and enjoy each other.  So this is my step towards making it more than sex for sperm.  We picked up some yeast (haven’t had any since Feb) and I’m making my homemade yeast rolls. Gonna have shrimp marinara.  And I made some sweet tea to go with it. ^__^

I keep getting reminded by my mostly Christian family that it will happen “in God’s time,” and I know that the God and Goddess will bless us when it is appropriate.  But why does everybody have to act like it’ll just happen, even if we aren’t having sex?  Seriously.  If it’s our time, if this is the time that has been deemed for us to get pregnant, then we need to be trying.  And if it’s not, we can’t know until we try.  And besides, if it’s not, then this is great practice.  ^__^

I’m so thankful for our cousin, Anna, who is also in the process of trying to get pregnant (she and her hubs just got married in March, missed getting married on our anniversary by two days!).  We’re our own little support group – though I know her sister is very supportive of her, too.  We talk to each other when we’ve had enough of people telling us “it’ll happen in God’s time”.  We can talk about it and dream about it without someone telling us that it’s not up to us.  We are spiritual people and agree that there must be Divine aid in getting pregnant.  But for those who aren’t call it fate – we know there’s more than sex and wishes!  We don’t need to hear it any more!  Gah!

Okay, I’m better now, and I think my dough is ready to be made into rolls…so that they can rise for another hour.  ^__^  Ah, yeast rolls.

Please, let me know what you think!

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