So, let’s have an update

So, it’s been a long few days.  The hubs had to work on Sunday, as usual – but because Chicago decided they were going to put on three simultaneous fireworks displays, closing down roads from the north side to the south side.  Meaning that the hubs had to work for 14 hours.  So, being the stubborn individual that I love, he took me to work with him so that he could spend at least some time with me. Of course, being a fair-skinned lady, I burned.  I’ve got to invest in something stronger than SPF 50.  Which is a pain; SPF 50 was the highest we were able to find when we went looking.  Though, thanks to the help of fair-skinned people in my family, I know what to look out for now.

Anyway, so, back to the fireworks.  Well, the coolest thing about my husband working for the harbor, is knowing people with boats.  I got my first chance to go out on Lake Michigan….just in time to watch the fireworks!  We could see all three sets of fireworks!  It was so awesome!  Until we floated too close, then it was a little unsettling.  But beautiful.  I’m still 5 when it comes to fireworks – I’ve never lost my sense of wonder at them…even understanding what goes into making them doesn’t detract from the wonder.  ^__^

But, after that long, hot, tiring day, the hubs had to get up and go to work on his  day off.  So everybody who got an extra day off for the holiday, consider the people who work to make your holiday enjoyable, because it’s completely possible that that person had an off day taken from them.  You may not be able to thank that person – and some of them don’t deserve it, anyway – but at least think about them.  Take a moment to appreciate them.  Yeah, the hubs is getting paid overtime, but when he left for work this morning, after only yesterday off, he looked beat.  And he won’t be able to be completely lazy next weekend, because we’ve got to do our beginning of the month shopping.

So, I’ll just have to do my best to make this next week easy on him.  Bless it.  I’m not the easiest woman most of the time, but I’ll try for him.  Not for anyone else, mind.  I like being difficult for the most part.  ^__^  The only thing…he isn’t always the easiest person, either…especially when I’m trying to pamper him.  We’re such a matching pair!

Please, let me know what you think!

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