New phone…again

So after a couple of days of fighting with my replacement for my Samsung Blast, and playing with the camera, I’m waiting for another replacement phone.  I’ve paid nearly $160 over the last nearly two years, and the phone they sent me was like getting a down grade.  I could nearly buy a new MyTouch with the money I’ve paid into it, and I got an inferior phone. So, I called and complained.  I’m good at complaining if I don’t get what I paid for.   A little over half and hour later, I had a new phone on it’s way with the full QWERTY keyboard.  Now, I’m not used to a full, but a partial keyboard, but I’m looking forward to it getting here.  Hopefully the camera will be good, because I’m gonna miss playing with the one on this phone – but not enough to keep this phone! ^__^

So, now I’m waiting on my phone to arrive, and for the landlord to come check out our bathroom.  The toilet seat broke (it’s an older one where the lid and seat are held together and to the toilet itself by plastic pins and the pins snapped) and the grout is falling from between the tiles in our shower.  Yeah, you heard me right, the grout is falling out from between the tiles.  Our landlords don’t believe in upkeep, they believe in half-assed fixing things.  I’m really looking forward to getting away from them.  I don’t appreciate paying my rent and then being treated like glorified squatters.    We’ve already started packing.  We’ve got three boxes completely packed, and a fourth mostly packed.  By the time the end of August gets here, we’ll be ready to go!

Please, let me know what you think!

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