DO NOT SIGN UP FOR OR PAY MONEY TO ASURION, BECAUSE IT’S A SCAM!!!  After arguing with these people about the fact that they are ripping me off, and them promising that they were sending me a phone with a QWERTY keyboard, they send me a phone…with the EXACT SAME KEYBOARD THAT I CALLED BITCHING ABOUT!!!!! And I can’t even call to raise hell until after my husband gets home!  I’m about to call T-Mobile and bitch to them about the fact that they’re letting these people run this scam on their loyal customers.  And to remove it from my plan.  But pass the word on.  Our UPS man who delivered the phone today and on Monday even said that he’s had other customers complain about Asurion.  And this isn’t our first problems with Asurion.  When my husband’s phone went out, it took THREE TIMES of them sending us a phone before they sent us one that worked!

These people are scam artists, and you shouldn’t give them your money, or let you family give them any money.  Because the money you pay them could go to the phone of your choosing that actually works!  I’m just livid right now and I’m about to let my carrier know how I feel, but I wanted to put the word out there so that maybe I can warn someone before they make the same mistake.

EDIT:  To those of you who read this before now, I apologize for my language.  I don’t pretend on here that I don’t have a mouth on me at times, but there are some words that even I feel I shouldn’t say.  I do, but I’m working on it.  I don’t want to have a real bad potty mouth when our kids come around.  I have removed the offensive word itself, though left enough for you to know exactly how angry they made me.  Because, yes, I have to be angry to say that about anyone/thing.

2 thoughts on “F@#$ ASURION PHONE INSURANCE!

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