Trying out a new theme

So, I like to keep an eye out for new and different themes because, while my old theme worked best for what I wanted and needed, it just wasn’t very pretty.  Now, I’m no girlie-girl, but even I like pretty things.  So now we’re gonna try this one out.  So far so good. It’s pretty, I’ve got my picture up in the header (it’s a picture I took a few years ago at Elks Lake Lodge #599), I’ve got all my widgets up and arranged (you’d be surprised the ones that don’t offer all the widgets I want) – it’s good for now.  ^__^  Of course, I’ll still keep my eye out for something I may like more, but I’m pretty satisfied for now.  Relief.  ^__^

And, yes, new phone came in, and yeah, it’s okay.  I really like the camera on it, but I don’t like the keys.  My Samsung Blast had an extended keyboard (not quite a full where each letter has its own key, but it’s laid out like a keyboard with only two letters per key), and the new one,  Samsung t659, has a regular cellphone keyboard.  But, like I said, the camera is awesome.  It’s fun, we’ve been playing with it a little.  Gonna play with the video camera.  ^__^

Please, let me know what you think!

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