Bye bye, World Cup.

I sit here pretty sad, but seriously mad.  The US will go no closer to this year’s World Cup.  I’m sad for obvious reasons, but why am I mad?  Because nothing disgusts me more than a team that thinks taking a dive is a fine way to keep the ball in their possession.  And a ref that doesn’t put his foot down in overtime when they are taking dives left and right. If it wasn’t for the dives and the ref’s blase attitude about it – even if they still lost – I wouldn’t be angry.  Only sad.

Why am I so bothered by it?  Oh, it’s completely personal.  I’m a soccer girl – or at least I was when I was in high school playing varsity soccer.  My last year playing (had to quit because of a knee injury) we lost the state championship game because of girls taking dives and the ref not being able to see that that’s what was happening.  Nearly every person on our team got a yellow card – one girl worked her way up to a red – and most of us never even made contact at that point.  Don’t get me wrong, it was physical, but legally so.

So what do I do now?  I watch and cheer, and hope that England can carry it through.  Of course, I can cheer Germany if they win tomorrow, but tomorrow, I’ll be cheering for England!  Greatest thing about the World Cup?  You can always find another team worth cheering for once your team is gone.  ^__^

Please, let me know what you think!

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