Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all good fathers out there!    To every man who takes care of his children, either through his presence or through monetary compensation if they can’t be there for whatever reason – every man whose children don’t question if their father loves them – Happy Father’s Day. Because there are fathers out there who do not care, not just those whose children are living in a different house, or a different city or state – there are fathers who live in the same house as their children and their children don’t know if they are loved.  To those fathers, this isn’t your day.  This is a day for those who care and who always have.

I’m more aware of Father’s Day now than I was growing up.  It was a day where we had to pretend that my father was a great man and get him gifts and cards that we didn’t mean.  Now, though, it’s a day to reflect on the wonderful fathers that are now in my life.  I have a wonderful father-in-law (the one I wrote the poem for), my husband’s younger brother is a father, my sister’s husband is a father, and there are uncles (in-law) and cousins.  I know that there are amazing men out there who are wonderful fathers, so this day is for THEM.

Please, let me know what you think!

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