Sad day

So, I had a sad day today.  No idea why, just felt sad all day.  I’ve had days like this before.  But never one where I couldn’t find something in particular that was making me sad.  I’ve thought about it all day, and can’t put my finger on any one thing.  Oh, I got mad at the hubs about something, but that was this afternoon, and the sad was all day. Besides, being mad at the hubs doesn’t usual make me sad, I get a good mad on and then we make up.  So I have no idea.  So I sat here, reading my Anita Blake novel.  I’ve got to get the last 5 books – yes, 5!  And I want to reread the Merry Gentry books, but I’m missing like 4 of those, too.

But, having had the hubs home, and telling him what how I feel, I’ve started to feel better.  We made dinner, and now we’re watching Merlin.  Thank goodness for Netflix!  We’re about to have some ice cream and cuddle.

One thought on “Sad day

  1. Sometimes I have such sad days too. I don’t call it sad days. What I call it cannot be translated in English. It’s like whatever I try to do on that day, everything goes wrong. And when I feel that it’s such a day, I put off all works and go sleep peacefully. 😉

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