Holy cow, we just had a crazy storm front come through!  The storm is still moving through, but they think the worst is past us.  According to The Weather Channel we’ve got more storms coming through over the next several days (there’s a storm spitting out tornadoes in Iowa right now headed towards us).  It was harsh for about 20 mins, the temperature dropped a good 20 degrees and now it’s just rainy. I like rainy. ^__^  Especially now that the hubs is home.  I worried about him driving through it coming home – before I realized just how fast the storm was moving.  He said there was a tree down across S Lake Shore Dr’s southbound lane.  I’m all for storms, if we’re both at home!

So now he’s home, it’s rainy, and we’re waiting on some chicken to thaw.  Gonna make Chicken Marinara with my awesome homemade marinara sauce.  We picked up some angel hair pasta – which is the BEST with marinara.  Or maybe it’s just the best.  Speaking of the best, we just found a new juice that is awesome.  Thanks to Aldi’s.  It’s pomegranate, blueberry, apple, grape, aronia juices.  Now, I’m not a big fan of berry juice, and especially grape juice.  Don’t really understand it (because I love white wine), but there it is.  Well, we saw this when we were at a different Aldi’s than the one right down the street – and I think we’re going to keep going to this other one because it’s better! – and we decided to try it.  I like the way pomegranate juice tastes, but don’t like it with cranberry juices (the main way I’ve found it).  Well, this, my friends, is awesome juice!  We’re already on our last glass, which is kinda sad.  But I’m glad we’ve found it, since juice is a major part of what we drink – we’re not really soda drinkers.  It’s mainly water, milk, juice, and occasionally sweet tea or lemonade.  So it’s nice to find some variety.  ^__^

Please, let me know what you think!

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