Happy Handfasting Anniversary

Today my husband and I celebrate the third anniversary of our handfasting.  Because we are an interfaith couple, we try to always recognize both of our religions, and getting married was no different.  We knew when we got married, it would be a Christian ceremony – to honor my husband’s beliefs, to honor both of our families, and because Mississippi didn’t have any recognized Pagan clergy at the time. Don’t know if they do now.  So, to balance that out, to celebrate our engagement, we had a handfasting ceremony.  It wasn’t a year and a day before our wedding,  but it didn’t lessen the significance for us.  We wanted to get married during the spring equinox (though, we discovered later this was Easter weekend, so we got married the next weekend) so that we could start our new beginning with the Earth’s new beginning.  But we wanted our handfasting in June because it just seemed right to call on Juno in her month and ask her to bless our marriage.  We could have just gotten married in June, but my brother-in-law and his wife got married in June, so I didn’t want to follow their example – and now am glad we didn’t, since I have serious issues with her in regards to an incident where she made my bro-in-law (younger than me) cry.  I’m very protective of my little brothers.

Anyway, so June 16, a beautiful Saturday, it was.  My friend, Wesley, let us do it at his home out in the woods.  They have good land out there and you can feel that he loves it.  And they have a lovely back porch which is where it was all set up.  He was my maid of honor, and our friend Diane acted as my husband’s best man.  My best friend, Daniel acted as our high priest and my little sister, Jade, acted as our flower girl.  While Daniel cast the circle, Jade followed behind, dropping flower petals to mark the circle (we originally decided on this for our non-Pagan friends/family who came to watch).    Then we called the corners, I called East, as Air is my element, Daniel called South, as Fire is his, my husband called West, as Water is his, and Wesley called North, as Earth is his.  We called on the name of Juno; we called on Dagda and Danu, my patrons; we called Elohim, God of Abraham and Issac, my husband’s patron; we called Hecate and Cernunos, Daniel’s patrons; we called Aphrodite and was thankful she was Wesley’s patroness.  And once they were all called, a brightness filled our circle.  Now, I turned to Paganism – and my Deities in particular – because I needed the closeness of spirit that Christianity had never given me, and I stayed with it because I’ve yet to do a ritual and not feel the spirit of the Gods move through me.  I’ve never left a ritual unmoved.  But this was more than I ever felt before or that I have felt since.  It was a fairly simple ritual, we made an offering, we bound our hands and walked the circle, we jumped the bessom (the one we still use to bless our home!), we bid farewell to the Gods and Goddesses and then the elements, and then we opened the circle.  I threw my bouquet – donated by my friend (and Wesley’s other best friend) Tory who had just recently gotten married – and we had cake and punch, and a chocolate fountain.  I had not expected so much, but between Wesley and Tory, it was beautiful.

I may put some of the pictures up.  I’m still debating if I should do a photo album, but I know when we start having children, I’ll want to show them off.  So I might.  If I get positive feedback, I definitely will.  If not, I still might.  ^__^  We’ll just have to see.

Please, let me know what you think!

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