Pit Bull Rescue!

So, as we sit here and plan our eminent departure from this town, we discuss what we are going to do in our new home.  Have children, settle down, and get a dog.  ^__^  A dog.  I’m nearly as excited about this as about having babies.  I’ve been a dog person all my life, until I moved out of my parents’ house and no longer had the space for a dog to run around outside – something I see as a must. Now, my husband and I did not meet until after the unfortunate disappearance of my beloved pit bull mix, Speck – short for Speckled Dog.  So in the nearly five years that we’ve been together, my husband has only known me as the owner of ferrets and cats (I got my first cat just before I met him!).  Now, I do look forward to the day that I can again have a cat in my life, as there is a beautiful arrogance to cats that I just can’t seem not to love.

But I’m ready to have a dog again.  And a big dog, not a little yappy dog.  Yes, I am prejudice against little yappy dogs.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m a big woman and I like to have a dog that’s as big and cuddly as I am.  Maybe it’s just that most of the yappy dogs I’ve met have left a bad impression.  Whatever it is, I love big dogs and am looking forward to the day in the future when I can own my first great dane and mastive.  But, for now, I want another pit bull.  No, I’m not picky about what type, or even if it’s a mixed breed.  I want that big, floppy, grinning mouth.  I want that protective couch potato.  I want him (because I don’t do female animals…another prejudice) to have that beautiful pit bull visage.  Courageous protector, playful friend, and cuddle puppy.  Yeah, I know not all of them turn out that way, but I place that blame on poor parenting on the part of owners.  Don’t give me that crap about “bad breed”.  Bad breed my ass!

So, since it’s been on my mind today, I started looking up rescues in North Carolina and I got a pleasant surprise.  The local animal shelter, the Valley River Humane Society, actually adopts out pit bulls!  Can you believe it?  So many shelters refuse to adopt out pit bulls, mostly because of the “bad breed” scare that’s currently over them.  But let me remind any naysayers out there – in the 90s it wasn’t pit bulls, but German shepherds and rottweilers who had the bad rap.  Remember?  Oh, don’t get a German shepherd, they’ll eat your kids’ faces off!  Gods, but I do.  We went to adopt a dog when I was little and it was a puppy.  Happy, playful, sweet.  But it’s tag said “German shepherd” and my Momma wouldn’t let me get him.  Because of bad hype.  Now it’s just transferred to the various breeds that fall under the heading of “pit bull”.

Anyway, I’m really relieved that they adopt them out, because there aren’t apparently any rescues near that area.  Of course, there may be some listed on Pit Bull Rescue Central, but their adoptable dogs page isn’t pulling up.  I’m hoping that it’s just a server overload.  I really love that site.  We looked on it before when we were considering getting a dog before.  It’s a good thing we didn’t in the end, since we didn’t find a place here that would let us keep a dog.  Or had a yard.  I’m not entirely sure when we’ll be able to get our new dog – it’ll depend on the hubs getting a job and us getting a house.  We’ll be looking to get a puppy because the hubs has never owned a pit bull and they can be very strong-willed.  He’s not afraid – especially not if he has a chance to start from the beginning – but he’s mistrustful of older rescue dogs, because you just never know and we’re planning a family.  Maybe when we’re older we can start rescuing older dogs.  ^__^

So, if you know of a rescue around Murphy, NC, let me know.  When we move, I’ll ask again.  We’ll have a better idea when we get there anyway.  Of course, if you know of any puppies that have recently been born in the area, I’d be interested in them, since they’ll be available around the time that we’ll be moving.  ^__^  And remember, folks, if you’re looking for a pit bull, always consider rescuing one!!!!

Please, let me know what you think!

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