Sonic, MY drive in!

We found a Sonic!  Omg, I’ve been craving Sonic for over a year.  We had a Sonic down the street from our last apartment in Hattiesburg.  We went there all the time.  Granted, we probably went there too often.  But still, it was a habit, and there just aren’t any here within the city.  But…we got some tonight.  ^__^

So I’m sitting here, feeling fat and happy.  Watching a little tv, gonna take a shower in a bit, and then me and the hubs are gonna go have some baby making sex.  Wish us luck!  Don’t know if I’m even ovulating this month, since it’s the first month after our birth control, but there is a chance!  So wish us luck, say a prayer, send us some energy – whatever it is you do, I ask you to take a min and think of us.  Well, don’t think about us…doing…that.  That would be a little creepy.  ^__^

Please, let me know what you think!

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