Hello out there in WordPress land!

So, it’s been a hectic few weeks, and I’ll tell ya all about it, but first – today is the two month anniversary of my husband and I quitting smoking!  Two months since we quit, and no cigarettes, no cheating…nothing!  We’ve done something that we haven’t done before!  I’m still coughing crap up, but it’s like my hubby says, I smoked for over half my life – fifteen years – that’s a long time for my lungs to recover from.  I do feel better. I still want one every now and then…then I smell them and change my mind.  They give me headaches now to be around for too long, but other than that, I’m fine!

Which is especially good because…..I’m off my birth control!  Went off it two weeks ago, have had a fairly regular cycle, and am now ready to try and make babies!  I should be ovulating either Fri or Sat – I’m on two different sites who give me two different days – and we’re taking a proactive role in helping our children be male.  I found an article on FertilityFriend.com that discusses the Shettles Method, which simply states that X chromosome sperm (girl making sperm) and Y chromosome sperm (boy making sperm) have different characteristics.  According to Dr. Shettles, male sperm swim faster but die more quickly while female sperm swim slowly and live longer.  So, if you’re wanting a girl, have sex a day or two before you ovulate, and then stop on the day of ovulation so that there are girl sperm waiting for the egg.  If you want a boy, wait until the day of ovulation and after, so that those fast swimmers can get there first.  And apparently, it’s working for some people!  So, we’re gonna try it, because the idea of having a daughter scares the pants off me.  And if it doesn’t work, no harm no foul.  I can live with waiting until my ovulation day (well, estimated ovulation day) and then make love to my husband every day after that!

Anyway, so, what has kept me away?  Lack of sleep followed by lack of REM sleep started it.  Have you ever slept – and I mean actually slept, know you slept, and still woke up exhausted for weeks at a time?  It’s lack of REM sleep.  And as a professional insomniac, I tell you I’d rather be awake than sleep constantly without REM, because that’s just more frustrating to me.  I had some of the weirdest dreams of my life – which is pretty impressive since it’s a rare day that I don’t have a weird dream.  Thankfully most of them fell into the category of forgotten and leaving a weird feeling.

Then, right as I started getting my normal amount of sleep again, I got sick.  I mean side-heaving, no nourishment for two days kinda sick.    And then, something good happened.  I finally got my hands on the new Wheel of Time book, “The Gathering Storm”.  Now, I’ve been a WoT fanatic for more than a decade now, and it’s such a relief to know that things are finally coming to a close.  Now, I’m not such a big fan of Brandon Sanderson’s writing as I feel that he misses some basic personality traits/ways of thinking for some of the characters, but I was mostly able to slip into the story and ignore what I saw as his writing flaws.  And if you’re a WoTer that disagrees with me, I don’t really care.  Most of the people I’ve talked to do like him, I just don’t happen to agree.  But that’s immaterial when it comes to the simple fact that things are finally coming to a close.  I just hate that Mr. James Rigney – known to us, his fans, as Robert Jordan – did not live to see the completion of the story.  Oh, he knew how it ended, and according to most everything I’ve gotten my hands on, had it outlined and even the last scene finished – but is it the same as sharing it with his fans?  From my own perspective as a (n attempted) writer, I can’t believe that it is the same.  Having the story, knowing it and how it all ends, isn’t the same as having all finished out.  So I hope that he is watching us all from TAR, pleased with what he’s seeing.  ^__^

So, now I’m back in the land of the living, through with “The Gathering Storm”, off my period and hopefully ovulating soon.  Hoping my hubby’s cousin will find out she’s pregnant on Friday (because we want to be pregnant together and – more so because she’s been trying since March).  I’m trying to work up the nerve to tell her I’m a Pagan.  I’d hate for her to decide she doesn’t like me anymore, because I’ve got a truly wonderful friend in her.  I wouldn’t say we’re best friends, but I would say that we’re working on it.

Please, let me know what you think!

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