Ah, landlords…

So, our landlords get the reward for most useless.  In the nearly two years we’ve lived here, getting something fixed is like pulling teeth.  Because we have three landlords; the main landlord, his wife, and his brother.  While our main landlord and his wife don’t even know who we are (they put my husband’s name as “Joseph” on one of our rent receipts…and his name is “Josh”), and they don’t like answering the phone (and have no idea who we are when we call). Our sprayer on our kitchen sink broke a month after the plumber put it in and I left a few messages for the landlords.  Well, today we noticed a leak under the sink and the landlord’s brother came by to fix it.  I made a comment about the broken sprayer – you know, because I didn’t want him seeing it and thinking we hadn’t reported it.  He tells me I should have kept calling!  Like it’s my job to make sure they do their job!  Hello!  I pay my rent and I tell you when things are broken.  If I also have to stay on your ass about fixing stuff – something that got your panties in a wad the last time I did it – then I want to get paid for my time!  *rolls eyes*

Let me give you a little piece of advice before moving into a house where your landlord is a family and not a business.  Try talking to the people who live there, if they’re currently occupying.  If not, talk to the neighbors (you’ll want to get to know these people if you’re gonna be living next to them, too) and ask them about the landlords and the people who have lived there before.  If I’d known to do that when I first was looking at this place, we’d have known that the upstairs neighbors were loud and annoying and the landlords thought they walked on water.  We’d have known that the only time the landlords came around was to collect the rent – even when neighbors complain about the upkeep of the grounds (which I was informed upon moving in was the landlords’ to do when I asked if they’d let me plant the flowerbeds and that since the neighbors children played there, nothing would be done).

Well, I feel better having ranted about the crappy landlords.  I can’t wait until we can get out of here!  Just a few more months!  And we’ve only got ten days worth of birth control left!  The hubby was so cute last night when we realized that.  He’s getting excited, too, and that’s important to me.  I was afraid he was just being indulgent of me, but he is really happy about it!  *happy dance*

Please, let me know what you think!

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