Weekend’s almost over…

And the hubs is doing his bathroom thing. ^__^  I’ve got a minute to get on here before he demands my undivided attention again.  I like being in love.  We’ve had a really good day.  Hubs had his final follow-up appointment from when he broke his wrist before Christmas.  The doctor – who has been wonderful to both of us this whole time – says that hubs is getting more movement back. That’s REALLY good because he’s lost most of his ability to bend his hand backwards.  But the doctor said he sees improvement from the last time he saw Josh – beginning of April, I think.  But he’s now cut us loose unless something comes up and we feel he needs to look at it again.  He said he might see us again.  I told him as much as I like him, I hope we don’t!

Josh’s work may have been crap to us, but Midland Orthopedics on Wabash Ave, Chicago, have been wonderful.  Not just the doctor, but all the nurses and especially Josh’s physical therapist.  We stopped by to see her today and let her know that we were done and to catch her up.  When we last saw her, we were still smokers.  We told her about the plan to move being moved up and about the quitting and she almost cried.  That’s just the kind of lady she is.  I promised we’d send her a post card when we got to NC and got settled.  I’m really gonna miss her.

Okay, hubs is out of the bathroom, so I gotta go.  I’ll be back tomorrow!  Night, y’all!

Please, let me know what you think!

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