Got that poem published!

So, as happens to me all to often for my own good, inspiration hit me at 2am.  And, because I’ve learned my lesson that I won’t remember that awesome line or rhyme in the morning, when it hit, I jumped out of bed – leaving a groaning hubby because I woke him up a little – and ran out to write it down.  And since I was out here, why not go ahead and post it? Of course, that wasn’t taking into account that apparently AC has been having seizures lately and running itself in a loop.  It took me thirty minutes to get the damn thing to let me upload my poem!  It didn’t even take me that long to get it written!!!

But, that’s behind us now.  I have posted my poem, To My Father-in-Law, and it is up for mass consumption.  ^__^  And, of course, listed on my Poems and Poetic Shorts page.  I’m really looking forward to Father’s Day getting here – an unusual thing for me because it usually involves an awkward call to my father who now likes to pretend like he’s the world’s greatest dad and always has been – so that I can send the poem to Dad.  I’ve been so blessed in my life to find not only a man who loves me and all my warts, but for that man to have a father who loves his children and grandchildren and who has welcomed me whole-heartedly.  We were friends before the hubs and I even admitted to anyone that we were together – we had a few month period of denial with “we’re just friends” – and we have a very similar sense of humor.  That man always makes me laugh!  I thank the God and Goddess that they brought me to this wonderful family – even if it means dealing with a mother-in-law who doesn’t like me….or at least didn’t….I think her sister made her have a change of heart…but that’s a discussion for another day.  Now, it’s 3am, there’s a storm raging, and I’m going back to bed.  After some milk.  And I go pee.  ^__^  Good night, y’all!

Please, let me know what you think!

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