And, back to work!

Okay, so maybe not work for me.  Had a great weekend with the hubs.  My grandmother sent us $1000 to help our move!  And hubs got paid.  It didn’t go as far as it will since we’ve had to recover from the last few months of only paying enough of our bills to get by.  But they are all paid!  And we got to go grocery shopping!  Ah!  We got to buy everything that we needed instead of just enough not to starve. It’ll be nice to have something other than water and milk to drink again.  Not that there’s anything wrong with water and milk – we still drink a lot of each – but to have something else to take out the monotony.  And we’ve gotten sandwich meats.  It’s been a while!  But we really like it, and love Pete’s Market for their meat and fruits and veggies.  If you’ve got one in your neighborhood, go check it out.  Totally worth it.

The only bad thing about this, is that we didn’t have much left over to put into the account.  The $1000 is in there, but we’re still going to need more.  And, of course, I still haven’t found a job and I’m beginning to despair of finding one before we move.  We’re both hopeful that Josh’ll be able to find a job to support us both when we move so that I can stay home with our children.  Speaking of, we have 17 days of birth control left until we start tryin to have babies!  My Momma wants us to wait until after our move, but, as I’ve said before, the last few years have been all waiting and I’m tired of waiting.  And, more and more people keep telling us, you can’t wait until you’re in a good position to have children, or you’ll never have them.  You’re never ready/in a good position.  So I’m not waiting any longer!  And I didn’t come to this decision alone.  When you come from a broken marriage, you realize the importance of working together, of talking things out.  And we both come from broken marriages.  My parents are still married, but even children know when your marriage is broken when you don’t bother to hide your disagreements even behind a door.  And my in-laws have been divorced since my hubby was in high school.  We’re lucky in a way, though.  We both know a lot of ways that marriages don’t work, so those are mistakes we don’t have to make for ourselves! ^__^

Speaking of in-laws, with Father’s Day coming, there are requests on AC for Father’s Day poems.  Well, the poems that I would write for my own father aren’t exactly the kind that you’d want to share with everyone, so I figured there was nothing I could do.  But, then I began to think.  I love my father-in-law dearly.  He’s rough and has a sense of humor that isn’t for everyone.  And he loves to flirt, especially with young women (though they have to be at least 18, he’s no perv!).  Some people don’t like that about him.  I find it endearing.  And he loves his children and grandchildren – well, granddaughters, for now.  He’s wonderful, and he accepts me despite all my warts – and he knows most of them!  I know that my husband will be a lot like my father-in-law when he gets older (I hope the weight gaining happens, too, since my hubby’s a bit skinny ^__^) and I think my father-in-law is still a handsome man.  So, I’m going to try to write a poem for him.  Because  he deserves one.

So, I’m going to have lunch, then try to write on that.  And then I’m going to get to know Finlay and Harding a little better.  Maybe I’ll tell y’all about them later.  ^__^  I like them so far.  And maybe Griffith, though I don’t like him at all – which is kind of the point in a bad guy, right?  Wish me luck!

Please, let me know what you think!

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