What’s with this?!

There’s nothing that makes me feel more out of sorts up here than this crazy dipping weather.  Don’t get me wrong, last month felt so normal to me, so right for April.  But now it’s freaking cold.  It’s May.  May isn’t supposed to be cold!  I could have dealt better with cooler temps last month and warmer this month.  It’s crazy. And I know there are people who embrace this kind of weather (better this than crazy heat during the summer), but I think they’re nuts.  Josh wanted me to come out to the harbor with him today, but I just can’t imagine being down there all day in this.  He says he’s been having to wear his fleece and his heavier jacket because of the wind.  That just depresses me a bit.  At least the sun is bright through the clouds this afternoon.  It looked like 6am around noon!

I hate being so negative.  I hate feeling so negative.  It drives me almost as crazy that I feel so irritated at the weather as the weather is driving me.  Because I’ve been trying to focus myself to the earth and her phases, I let myself get irritated when things don’t feel right.  Which means that I’ve been irritated on and off since we moved here.  Not so much during the winter, since that’s the one season that’s done right around here – yeah, cause I kinda like it getting cold and snowing, when it’s supposed to! – but spring through fall, because there is no spring or fall.  It’s just cold, and then cool during the summer.  I’ve gotta relocate to a more central state, where there are actually four seasons.  (though, don’t tell people up here that they don’t have four seasons, or they get ugly)

Okay, I feel better now.  I’m going to go wash the dishes and then get an apple.  And then write.  Hopefully.  Open the windows and hope the sun will make up for the cold.

Please, let me know what you think!

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