My New Article Is Up!

So, it didn’t qualify for an upfront payment (which is what I’m assuming is what took them nearly a week for!), but they finally let me know so I could just submit it.  And now it’s available for your eyeballs to view it. ^__^  You can find my article here, and of course on my articles page.  It’s a good start and I’m already working on the second article in the series. As I told y’all before, my next article is on holidays.  I’m not going to be quite so vague as I was in this article, but actually talk more about how specifically Josh and I work out our holiday celebrations.  Because I love when we celebrate holidays! ^__^

Also, found a website, StumbleUpon, through an AC forum post where I can submit my sites so that others can find them.  Sweet!  I got 284 posts yesterday.  That’s nearly as many as I’ve had in the last two years!  It’s amazing.  I’m going back on there in a little while to submit more (that was only three of my poems and my home page), especially now that my new article is up.  Maybe if I push this enough, I’ll get some serious recognition, at least for my poetry, since that’s where my strengths lie.  I recently found a friend of mine on facebook and she asked me about my book.  Which one?  I’ve tried writing a few and they keep loosing steam.  I want to write a book.  I’d love to write a book.  But I keep loosing faith in my stories, so I don’t finish them.  It’s pitiful.  Maybe this’ll give me the confidence to do something more, though.  Who knows?

Well, I’m going for now.  Got some stuff to do.  Oh, and by the way, we’ve got 23 days of birth control left!  On the count down!  Take care until later!

Please, let me know what you think!

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