What a day!

So today, I applied for three jobs, two online and one at the Lowe’s near Josh’s harbor.  I’d rather the online jobs because of the whole take them with me when we move/keep them when I’m prego and raising our children.  But right now, I’d just be happy to get a job.  Still hoping to hear back from Jackson Outer Harbor for a job there, though, because that’d be perfect. And no stress about getting to work and my days off.  Still, I’m not going to let myself be down.  I’m gonna stay positive.  *has a moment of “Legally Blonde: The Musical”*

After I finished that, I found an awesome website.  Babies Making Faces is a blog of pictures of people’s children that they turn in and the authors then put appropriate – or inappropriate, maybe – titles and comments on.  It is (as of this posting) 32 pages of giggling glee.  I spent all afternoon flipping through until the hubs got home…when I started over so we could enjoy them together.  It was FABULOUS.  I suggest checking it out.  Right now.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait. . . . . See what I mean?!  One of the little girls many pages back looks like our niece…hubby’s sister’s youngest (thus, the middle niece as we have three).  And I don’t know what’s better, that the parents were able to catch these moments of hysteria, or that they share them with complete strangers over the intrawebs.  Either way…beautiful.

And now?  Now I’m waiting on my wonderful hamburgers to be done.  Yes, these are the wrapped up, completely homemade wonders the hubby and I created out of not wanting to buy hamburger buns or eat hamburgers off of regular bread.  Tonight we’re having bbq burgers with potato wedges and avocado.  Yum.  I’m thinking I’ll start a recipe page, so that you guys can try this stuff for yourself because it is way awesome.  A little difficult, especially the first few times you make it.  I think now it takes us 30 mins to do everything but bake them (that’s an additional 20-25, depending on your oven).  You know what…I’ll go do that.  I’ve got more than a few recipes.  But for now, I’m going to see if those things are cool enough to eat.  Because I’m starving!

Please, let me know what you think!

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