Ah…laundry day…

So we went to do laundry today.  We used to go to a place over on Cermack where you could wash for half price after midnight, but it was still 25¢ for ten minutes.  We found a new place that’s much closer and much nicer, and you can dry your clothes for free – after you wash them, of course! – so it’s more than $2.00 cheaper, and you don’t have to go after midnight (and stay up until more than 2am, since it takes a full hour to dry your clothes rather than the 30 mins it took us today!). It was great!  Of course, the washing machine shook so bad that it vibrated things off the top!  It was kinda scary, especially the first time and since we were sitting right next to it.  I had to take my sunshades o ff the top of the washing machine because they were vibrating backwards and I could just see them vibrating off the back and falling behind the washer.  I’d have been a little ticked.  ^__^

Glad we got it done, though cause now we’ve got clean clothes and Joshua has socks.  He goes through a lot of socks.  It always blows my mind a little.  Granted, I go barefoot (or flip-flops, of course) as often as humanly possible rather than wear actual shoes, and he can’t exactly wear flip-flops to work.  Gotta go back tomorrow, which means I’m back to bein at home alone.  Again.  It’s hard, after having him with me for three months.  Hoping I can get that job so that it doesn’t matter anymore.  Well, maybe one of these jobs – including the online ones – will come to fruition.  If I could get a work from home, I wouldn’t have to worry about leaving my job when it’s baby time.  Cause I’m looking forward to baby time.  ^__^

Please, let me know what you think!

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